About Alonso Group

We are a multisectorial business group of reference in the national and international market with more than 62 years of experience. Currently, Grupo Alonso is made up of more than one hundred companies operating in three major business areas:
Logistics / Energy and Infrastructures / Leisure and Services.

Business Areas

Diversification is a key factor to our growth. Our companies lead the sectors where they develop their activities. Each one’s contribution enriches the whole group, which in turn strengthens them.


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Our MISSION is to deliver added value to our clients and boost the progress of their businesses, society and the global economy. A capacity that we share from the diversity of our team and the freedom of our companies, ultimately providing us with a unique personality in the market.

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Far-Sighted approach

Being a motion generator around us, promoting competitiveness and sustainable growth by respecting the environment.

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Corporate values
  • Commitment in our work, to our clients, partners, workers, society and the environment.
  • Continuous Effort from the whole team to achieve the goals defined and continue innovating.
  • Passion in everything we do, with involvement and pride of belonging to achieve the best result.
  • Professional and human Quality during the process and in the final result of our works.
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Corporate values
  • Versatility, through our capacity to adapt to new challenges, open up to new markets and promote development. Freedom to fail is what gives us the courage to seek higher rewards.
  • Dynamism inside and outside our Group. We generate motion within our environment and promote evolution. We move with the aim to better ourselves and seek excellence but with the plainness of direct, close and professional attention to our clients and human team.
Stevedores stretching from a rope
  • Ecology: To be environmentally and socially sustainable....
  • Economy: Making our environment profitable.
  • Evolution: Contribute to global development.
  • Stability: To be a lever for development with social, environmental and economic balance.

Our history



Grupo Alonso’s history starts in the year 1962 in the logistics sector with founder Francsico Alonso. The entrepreneurial activity starts with overland transport and soon expands to maritime and aerial. At this early stage, the business spreads to new national markets and the first steps towards internationalization are taken.



The second family generation has definitely placed Grupo Alonso on the international map. The fast and solid growth is achieved thanks to the continuous growth in the logistics sector, the commitment to internationalization and the diversification of companies. The supply chain is strengthened by incorporating shipping, consignee and freight companies, as well as terminals and warehouses.



Grupo Alonso’s betting on the future focuses on the Global Logistics Project, whose goal is transport inter-modality and the search for sustainability, thereby reducing pollutant emissions. Grupo Alonso’s far-sighted approach continues with the expansion and opening to new business areas.



El origen, Francisco Alonso: del campo al primer camión

The origin, Francisco Alonso


Primer tráiler

The first truck for log transport is purchased


Incorporación al tráfico de contenedores en Valencia

Incorporation to the container traffic in Valencia


Creación de Operinter, primera empresa transitaria

Creation of Operinter, first freight company


Primeras experiencias en el transporte internacional

First experiences in international transport


Se constituye Transportes Alonso Salcedo (TAS)

Transportes Alonso Salcedo is established