The Alonso's Group company dedicated to the promotion of renewable energy projects will build a large photovoltaic complex in Huéneja (Granada) in which it will invest more than 100 million euros. Construction will begin in October and is expected to create more than 180 direct jobs, many of them local. In addition, Diverxia Infrastructure will develop other projects in other parts of Spain and Latin America.
The new 9550 Vodka becomes part of the large Legendario family. Produced by traditional methods in Cuba from sugar cane, the liquor owes its original name to the distance that separates the city of Havana from Moscow. A Cuban flavour made of vodka that invites you to travel through a world of sensations. In recent years, Legendario's portfolio has been expanded with the addition of Rockfruit, Bowtie Gin, and now 9550 Vodka.
The sports marina managed by Alonso Group has already opened its doors with all its nautical, restaurant and leisure offerings. It is a perfect space to escape from the crowds and has been prepared thoroughly during these months to establish all kinds of health and hygiene measures to avoid the COVID-19 among workers, customers and visitors. In this atypical summer season the real protagonist will be national tourism.
After a few difficult months due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis, Alonso Group has produced a video, both in Spanish and English, aimed at customers, suppliers and its own teams to thank them for all their efforts. Over the course of the exceptional situation, the company has continued to develop all its logistics activity to ensure the proper functioning of the supply chain. In addition, it has been involved in different solidarity causes in order to avoid the impact of the pandemic.
With an innovative design and totally accessible for people with functional diversity, the new website of Quality Dual Integra aims to be a practical tool to publicize its services as a Special Employment Centre (CEE). An innovative website presenting the services that the company, which is part of Alonso Group, offers to companies and individuals, as well as the most relevant legal aspects affecting men and women with different disabilities. In an exercise in transparency, the website also includes the subsidies received over the last few years as a CEE.
The usefulness of a container can go beyond the transport of goods. The Alonso Group's land transport division has a new location in a structure built from containers, one of the most characteristic elements of the sector. The original offices, located at the main entrance to the port of Valencia, have been built through the coordinated work of various companies in the holding. A sample of the added value of Alonso Group and its commitment to sustainable construction.
Servicios Auxiliares Marítimos Algeciras (SAM Algeciras) has achieved Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification for customs simplifications, security and safety. From now on, all goods passing through the multimodal logistics platform will have higher priority in the processing and procedures with Customs. With this requirement, SAM Algeciras adapts to the requirements of large importers and will benefit, in particular, the fruit and vegetable sector.
Servicios Auxiliares Marítimos Algeciras (SAM Algeciras) has achieved certification for the storage of organic products in its refrigeration facilities. After almost a year of preparation, the company installed a little more than one kilometer from the Andalusian port, will be able to offer this new service aimed mainly at the food industry and that will help consolidate its global offer. The segment of organic products is increasingly in demand.
The multipurpose terminal located in the port of Sagunto has just renewed its ISO 45001 certification for occupational health and safety management. A certification that, in times of COVID-19, has allowed it to face the health crisis with the greatest guarantees among its professionals. In addition, over the last few months, IST has also renewed its ISO 9001, 14001 and 50001 certificates, making it a leading terminal in its commitment to quality, efficiency and good practices. The terminal, in addition to the AEO in its complete form, will be available from 2019.
Alonso Group, through its freight forwarder Operinter, participates in the implementation of the Spain-China sanitary air corridor that transports millions of sanitary masks to our country. The holding company, with a strong presence in the Asian country, is a great connoisseur of the Asian import-export market with Europe. Since the beginning of the sanitary crisis, air logistics is playing a crucial role all over the world.
Quality Dual Integra successfully implements the Equality Plan that works for gender parity in the company. A measure that promotes effective equality that its parent company, Quality Dual, is already working on, with more than 20 years of experience in the implementation of integral management systems for the cleaning and maintenance of facilities. Both have just achieved the ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications that accredit their good practices.