Alonso Forwarding Mexico is the subsidiary of Alonso Group in the Aztec country whose objective is to position itself in the important North American market, managing import and export traffic with origin and destination anywhere in the world. In addition, due to its proximity to the United States, this delegation is strategic. Alonso Forwarding Mexico has a large team specialized in international maritime, air and land transport activities. Currently, Mexico is one of the countries with the highest growth in cargo traffic and the delegation benefits from the commercial agreements it has all over the world.

With four locations in the country, it works to give special focus to the routes from Europe, Asia and Latin America, to and from Mexico becoming an authentic logistic ally for companies with foreign trade activities worldwide.

Alonso Forwarding México - Ciudad de México
Rio Guadiana 31 Piso 9. Colonia Renacimiento. Cuauhtémoc
06500 · Ciudad de México · México
Phone: +52 558 526 1713
Alonso Forwarding México - Guadalajara
Cuitláhuac 237- Int 1 Col. Cd. Del Sol
45040 · Zapopan Jalisco (Guadalajara) · México
Phone: +523 396 278 835
Alonso Forwarding México - Puebla
3 Norte y 14 Poniente 111, Piso 2. Of. 308. Col.San Andrés, Cholula
72680 · Puebla · México
Phone: +52 221 246 2427
Alonso Forwarding México - Querétaro
Circuito Altos Juriquilla 1221 Garden towers B 305
72680 · Querétaro · México
Phone: +52 442 483 6064