Integral national and international logistics operator with special attention to customs taxation services, both in the country of destination and in the country of origin of the goods. Its maritime, air and customs services are the fundamental pillars of its activity. OperPlus analyses each project and studies its feasibility according to the client’s needs. They specialise in capital goods and medium and high value services, including turnkey projects and triangular operations. Asia and America are the main geographical areas from/to which it works.

OperPlus - Valencia
Avda. Ingeniero Manuel Soto 15 - 2º - 4ª
46024 · Valencia · Spain
Phone: +34 963 568 069
OperPlus - Bilbao
Street Lutxana 2 · 4º Derecha C
48008 · Bilbao · Spain
Phone: +34 944 237 583