Fripecan, a logistics operator specialising in refrigeration, will have new facilities in Barcelona

With the arrival of the new year, the logistics operator will move its facilities in Barcelona. The new location, just 100 metres from Mercabarna, responds to the growing demand for temperature-controlled product logistics. Fripecan offers very competitive maritime transport services with the Canary Islands.

Interior de las nuevas instalaciones de Fripecan en Barcelona

El emplazamiento se encuentra en el hinterland del puerto de Barcelona.

Fripecan, a logistics operator integrated in Alonso Group cold division, will have new facilities in Barcelona from January. The company, specialised in multimodal maritime transport with the Canary Islands, will start 2023 in a new location, specifically in the Pratense Industrial Estate in El Prat de Llobregat.

An excellent location in the Barcelona Logistics warehouse, just 100 metres from Mercabarna – with direct departures to Madrid, Valencia and France – together with its proximity to the port of Barcelona, from where the ships with which the company works regularly operate. The facilities are also close to El Prat airport.

With this change, Fripecan takes a new leap forward in the integral management of temperature-controlled goods with a 30,000 cubic metre warehouse, 5,500 pallets in stock and 14 loading docks. State-of-the-art facilities at the service of the needs of all customers.

International services with full traceability

Fripecan‘s new facilities are prepared to absorb the company’s growth plans, as well as to offer international services as they have ADT and Lame authorisation and are AEO (Authorised Economic Operator).

Likewise, thanks to technology, Fripecan offers its customers full traceability of their loads in real time. The best way to be able to track them, ensure the correct functioning of the supply chain and that receptions are carried out as quickly as possible.

In a context where the logistics of perishable goods must be more efficient, productive and competitive if possible, Fripecan continues to take steps to adapt to the demands of the market and the current situation, facing the future with maximum service guarantees.

Fripecan, efficiency and competitiveness for transport to the Canary Islands

Fripecan specialises in the temperature-controlled transport of all types of goods to the Canary Islands. The company, part of Alonso Group logistics division, has facilities located in the most strategic points of the Iberian Peninsula. The most complete and efficient coverage to offer a comprehensive and competitive service to all its customers.

Fripecan, especializado en el transporte marítimo con las islas Canarias
Fripecan, specialising in maritime transport with the Canary Islands