Alonso Group promotes its international expansion with the opening of new offices in India, Colombia and Korea

The new international subsidiaries Alonso Logistics India, Alonso Forwarding Colombia and Alonso Forwarding Korea add to the rest of the company’s own headquarters through its freight forwarders in China, Portugal, Cuba, Argentina, Peru and France. In addition, Grupo Alonso is already present in more than 180 countries thanks to its extensive network of agents that allow it to operate in the five continents.

Grupo Alonso Inernacional

Grupo Alonso Inernacional

Grupo Alonso Inernacional

The three new headquarters that already operate under the brand “Alonso Forwarding”, have been established in Bombay (India), Bogota (Colombia) and Seoul (Korea). These are areas with emerging economies and significant potential for both imports and exports. Its strategic location is allowing to favor, not only commercial operations with Spain, but between different countries of the world.

Alonso Forwarding Korea, the oldest of the three subsidiaries, and Alonso Logistics India, act as a gateway to the Asian market, operating in the main ports of India, South Korea and China. For its part, Alonso Forwarding Colombia has been configured as an ideal intermediary to carry out all types of merchandise movements in the Latin American market.

The three new subsidiaries stand out for having a team with extensive experience in international logistics whose objective is to become global reference operators capable of managing traffic between third countries acting as global forwarders.

Coordinated and competitive international growth

One of Alonso Group objectives at the international level is to achieve constant growth, strengthening the current network in a coordinated manner. In this way, the customers and suppliers of the Group’s freight forwarders can take advantage of a solid, powerful, collaborative international structure that translates into more efficiency, efficiency and profitability in order to meet their needs.

In this sense, Alonso Group CEO, Jorge Alonso, points out that “we work to achieve a coordinated action of the entire logistics chain at national and international level, through the coordination and collaboration of all agents in order to achieve our common Economic and environmental issues. ”

This commitment to differentiation translates into a greater specialization and professionalization of the logistics activity, as well as a much more personalized treatment towards the end customer.