Alonso Logistics Uruguay, Alonso Group’s new branch in South America

Alonso Logistics Uruguay has an office in the capital, Montevideo. The opening of this new branch is in addition to Alonso Forwarding Guatemala, which started its activity just a few weeks ago. Alonso Group’s international logistics division continues to consolidate its position under the Alonso Forwarding brand.
Imagen del puerto de Montevideo, Uruguay
Picture of Montevideo port, Uruguay

Alonso Group continues to expand its presence around the world through its international freight forwarding brand, Alonso Forwarding Holding. The latest example is the launch of Alonso Logistics Uruguay, with offices in the country’s capital, Montevideo. This is in addition to the recent launch of Alonso Forwarding Guatemala, which began just a couple of weeks ago.

Alonso Logisictics Uruguay markets comprehensive and competitive international logistics services such as maritime, air and land transport; multimodal operations; crosstrade or foreign trade advice. The branch works with shipping agencies, airline consolidators, bonded warehouses, free zones and insurance.

The new office benefits from the advantages of its privileged geographical location. The capital Montevideo is a natural hub for distribution to the region (north of Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia or south of Brazil), which allows multimodal handling, crosstrade operations and transits.

The human team of the new branch, with a totally multidisciplinary character, is led by Luis Gustavo Jarrín Torres. A professional with a high commercial profile, with more than 20 years of experience in maritime, air and land transport, and in particular, in the development and handling of LC cargo and air traffic. Belén Cioli Moll will be in charge of the operational sector and has experience in all areas of traffic.

Uruguay’s economic and political stability

Uruguay, a country with a stable economy and political situation, experienced growth of 1.2% in the first quarter of 2023. It is expected to end the year above 2% despite the severe drought and water shortages that have affected agriculture and livestock, the main growth factors. The sectors that are currently developing are communications, transport, construction, storage (logistics and distribution) and tourism.

The country currently presents business opportunities in cross-trade and transit operations in the region as many Argentinean companies have moved their operations to Uruguay due to its economic and political stability. This allows them to manage their business using the benefits of free port and airport or free trade zones. In addition, as the construction sector is growing, there are many import operations of materials, such as hardware or doors, for example from Spain, Italy, Germany or USA.

Fluid contact with the rest of the offices in the network

Alonso Logistics Uruguay will work to have “a fluid, pleasant contact and strengthen ties” with each of the Alonso Forwarding Holding offices located on five continents. This particularly close relationship will be sought in those Alonso Forwarding Holding offices located in LATAM (Latin America and the Caribbean) such as Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Argentina, Colombia and Peru. A region with great possibilities for growth and large domestic markets where, by having its own offices, it allows us to give added value to customers by providing the same quality of service, whether at origin or destination.

In recent years, the international freight forwarding brand Alonso Forwarding has expanded with the incorporation of new offices in strategic locations. It is currently present in the main production, distribution and consumption centres on five continents. The best coverage for a brand whose resilience and capacity to adapt has allowed it to overcome many of the obstacles that the supply chain has faced in recent times.

Uruguay, un país con una economía y situación política estable, ha experimentado un crecimiento del 1,2% en el primer trimestre de 2023
Uruguay has experienced 1.2% growth in the first quarter of 2023