Alonso Group launches the “Alonso Grant” to empower young talents aimed at business management in the maritime-portuarian sector

The business group promotes its relationship with the university world, by strengthening its collaboration in the master’s degree course aimed at managing maritime-portuarian companies. In this edition, Alonso Group promotes the “Alonso Grant”, a new training initiative that will reward the effort of one of the most outstanding students with an employment contract in one of the group’s logistics companies, leaders in the sector. The agreement includes the participation of professionals from the holding within the faculty, as well as visits and training sessions in different facilities of the group.
Jorge Alonso, President of the Alonso Group at the opening session of the UCV Master's degree course.
Jorge Alonso, Alonso Group CEO at the opening session of the UCV Master’s degree course.

In its commitment to the formation of new professional profiles, Grupo Alonso promotes for the third consecutive year the Master in Maritime Law and Economic-Strategic Management of the Maritime-Portuarian Company of the Catholic University of Valencia (UCV).

Maritime logistics is one of the most important areas in the world economy. Companies in the sector increasingly require candidates with specialised training, adapted to fill the new jobs demanded by the market.

In view of this need to have highly qualified professionals to face the challenges faced by this constantly evolving sector, Alonso Group is once again committed to supporting the search for talent in the new generations that join the labour market.

For this reason the company, leader in the logistics sector in spain, has decided to collaborate once again with the UCV in a new edition of this postgraduate program with new initiatives. The master’s degree is aimed at recent graduates interested in opening up their way in the field of logistics, as well as active professionals who aspire to excellence in the development of their daily work.

Alonso Group’s commitment to integral education

Alonso Group has wanted to support this training action through two main ways: on the one hand, by contributing to the teaching staff of the master’s degree course an important part of the teachers. In addition to university professors from different areas of law and economics, several of the sessions will be led by members of the management team of the Alonso Group. Classes that start this Saturday, March 3 through a master class on the present and future of the customs sector.

In this way, Alonso group professionals will share their experience and knowledge of the sector with the students, allowing them to obtain an accurate and updated view of how a maritime-port logistics company is managed.

The master’s course, which runs from October 2017 to June 2018, also includes training visits to some of the facilities in which the holding companies operate: such as maritime terminals, logistical platforms, merchandise warehouses or customs warehouses, among others.

At the same time, Alonso Group has also reached a second way of collaboration, decisive for the students’ future employment. This is an agreement with the Catholic University of Valencia to offer an employment contract to the student who, in the opinion of the faculty, has stood out significantly for his or her level of achievement, as well as for his or her skills, competencies and potential for professional development. In this way, recent graduates will be able to have the opportunity to enter the professional market and gain experience within one of the most important companies in the national and international logistics sector.