Alonso Group successfully completes its solidarity challenge against child poverty

Thanks to this initiative, in collaboration with the Save the Children Foundation, sufficient funds have been raised to cover the educational and psycho-pedagogical needs of more than 50 children living in poverty. Under the slogan “Alonso Group against child poverty”, the group has involved workers and collaborators from all its companies with the common objective of helping to alleviate child poverty in Spain.
Throughout each year, the Alonso Group engages in a series of solidarity actions within the framework of its corporate social responsibility strategy. Aware that children are the future of society, the group tries every time to focus on some problem that affects especially the youngest ones.

On this occasion, the company wanted to take advantage of the Christmas holidays to take on a challenge from the Save the Children Foundation in which both the company itself and its employees, collaborators and family members have joined in. The purpose of this solidarity challenge was to obtain the necessary resources to ensure that poverty is not an obstacle to the educational development of as many children as possible.

A challenge well met

The Alonso Group initially set itself the objective of ensuring the care of seven children at risk of exclusion for a whole year. Over the course of a month, the different companies that make up the group have contributed their bit through the platform created on Save the Children’s website for the occasion.

However, thanks to the generosity shown by all the participants, the solidarity campaign has ended with a collection seven times higher than expected, which will allow the Save the Children Foundation to have the necessary means to help fifty children through different projects.

Child poverty, a real problem in Spain

According to Save the Children, there are 2,460,000 children in Spain today who live at risk of poverty and social exclusion. With 17% of the child population living in severe poverty, our country has one of the highest poverty rates in the European Union. This sad reality is the reason why the Alonso Group has decided this year to focus its efforts on collaborating with Save the Children to try to turn this situation around.

Save the Children has been working in Spain for more than 20 years with different programmes focused on the fight against child poverty. Its main objective is to break the cycle of poverty transmission through education. To this end, they work in different areas ranging from the fight against school failure or psycho-pedagogical attention, to direct support with resources and school materials.