Alonso Group launches a solidarity campaign to help disadvantaged groups and conflict zones

In this Christmas 2023 solidarity campaign, Alonso Group supports UNICEF for its efforts in Gaza, Doctors Without Borders for its work with child vaccination, as well as organisations such as Casa de la Caridad, Red Cross and Caritas. Solidarity, once again this year, is the protagonist of the group’s charitable actions in the final of the year.
Grupo Alonso, se vuelca, un año más, en su campaña solidaria por Navidad
Alonso Group, once again this year, turns its hand to its Christmas charity campaign

For more than two months, hundreds of thousands of innocent children have been affected by the conflict in Gaza and are in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. They are running out of food, water, electricity, medicine and safe access to hospitals. Faced with this dramatic situation, Alonso Group has earmarked part of the aid from its 2023 Christmas campaign for one of the NGOs with the greatest presence in the area right now: UNICEF. Specifically, the business group’s contribution will go to cover the drinking water emergency and, thanks to its solidarity, 2.790 children will be guaranteed drinking water for a year.

The international organisation has expressed “enormous gratitude for Grupo Alonso’s important contribution to the emergency in Gaza, which will strengthen our response to the devastating situation that the current conflict is causing for children”.

UNICEF entrega 4.000 mantas a los hospitales Europeo y Nasser, en el sur de la Franja de Gaza (UNICEF)

Niños en búsqueda de agua en la franja de Gaza (UNICEF)

Doctors Without Borders, with children ‘zero doses’

On an international level, Alonso Group has also collaborated with Doctors Without Borders, an organisation involved in the commendable task of vaccinating children.
There are still millions of children in the world who cannot receive a single vaccination. They are completely unprotected against diseases that, although preventable, can be fatal. These are the so-called ‘zero-dose’ children.

This year Alonso Group has decided to do its bit to help Doctors Without Borders and, thanks to its support, the NGO will be able to vaccinate 12,800 children over the next few months. “Thanks to the contribution of the Alonso holding company for your enthusiasm and for the enormous impact this help will have on the lives of the children. They will be vaccinated thanks to your support in places very affected by conflicts or other complex situations”, explained Doctors Without Borders.

Vacunación en África promovido por Médicos Sin Fronteras (MSF)

En el mundo existen muchos niños 'cero dosis'

Personal de Médicos Sin Fronteras durante una vacunación

Casa de la Caridad, destination of employees’ benefits

For more than a hundred years, Casa de la Caridad in Valencia has been helping homeless people or families with serious difficulties in feeding their members. In response to their needs this Christmas, a particularly significant time of year, an area has been set up in each Alonso Group work centre to collect non-perishable basic necessities for the organisation.

The collection campaign is already up and running and will end on 29 December. Once again, Alonso Group wants to involve all employees in values as necessary as solidarity, generosity and commitme

La solidaridad de los empleados, una vez más, protagonista durante esta campaña

Casa de la Caridad, una institución centenaria y solidaria

Red Cross programme to combat loneliness among the elderly people

Another of the destinations of the Alonso Group‘s Christmas solidarity campaign in 2023 was the Red Cross programme “Goodbye Loneliness”, aimed at the elderly people. An initiative to combat social isolation created by health problems, economic difficulties, death of loved ones or the lack of a support network. For this important reason, a significant contribution has been made in order to finance such an endearing effort.

La soledad de los ancianos, principal preocupación para Cruz Roja

Cruz Roja cuenta con un programa dirigido a la tercera edad

Cáritas, no child without the Three Wise Men

Finally, among the causes at a closer level, Alonso Group has provided funding to cover the entire “Three Wise Men for a Day” project promoted by Cáritas. The aim is to ensure that no child is left without a new toy this Christmas. The vulnerable situation of many families often prevents the magic and illusion of these days from becoming a reality, something that the religious organisation aims to remedy.

El objetivo de Cáritas, ningún niño sin Reyes Magos

La organización religiosa, preocupada por los niños más desfavorecidos

A compendium of causes and solidarity campaigns developed with great involvement by Alonso Group that ultimately seek to be close to society, to contribute to its development and well-being and, especially, to the people who need it most. These actions are also part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) area of the holding company, whose values and philosophy are aimed at helping the most disadvantaged groups.