Alonso Group redoubles its solidarity efforts for Christmas with aid to various social organisations

In this year’s solidarity campaign, Alonso Group supports the Ukrainian population through AGA-Ukraine and also those displaced by the conflict through UNHCR. Aspanion and the Fundación Prolibertas are other two of the two NGOs receiving aid. Internally, the employees of the holding company have made their contributions to the Food Bank.
Alonso Group, involved with various social organisations during the Christmas season
Alonso Group, involved with various social organisations during the Christmas season

During the Christmas period, Alonso Group redoubles its efforts in various local, national and international solidarity projects. The aim is to support initiatives whose mission is to be at the side of those most in need. Although these actions are promoted throughout the year, it is at this time of the year when the holding company is most directly involved.

In a year marked by the serious effects of the war in Ukraine, Alonso Group has focused a large part of its efforts on helping the people most affected by the war, which began on 24 February. This aid is channelled through AGA-Ucraína, which supports the local population in the country’s main cities. This aid is extended through UNHCR, which works with refugees and displaced persons in the countries bordering Ukraine..

In addition to these two organisations, the Alonso Group’s 2022 solidarity campaign also extends its collaboration to Aspanion, the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer of the Valencian Community, and the Fundación Prolibertas, which fights against marginalisation and social exclusion through different development programmes.

The Food Bank, the recipient of employee support

In parallel to the implementation of these solidarity initiatives, Alonso Group has organised an internal campaign to collect non-perishable food and children’s hygiene products aimed at all its employees. This charitable action in favour of the Food Bank began on 13 December and will continue until 30 December. The best way to demonstrate the spirit of generosity that invades us in these special dates that shows the human quality and values of those who are part of Alonso Group.

This year, Grupo Alonso employees have collaborated with the Food Bank.
This year, Alonso Group employees have collaborated with the Food Bank.
AGA-Ucraína, the largest on-the-ground support to the Ukrainian population

Since the outbreak of the war, this association of Galician origin has been committed to helping the civilian population, whose daily lives are marked by human losses, the destruction of homes and infrastructures and cuts in supplies. In 2022, the Alonso holding company has decided to help AGA-Ucraína with an economic item that will be used to purchase 3D printers and scanners for the production of prostheses for the thousands of amputees, both children and adults, who have been affected by this war. The equipment will be used at the International Medical Institute in Bucha, just 20 kilometres from Kiev. According to NGO estimates, the war has already left 100,000 people with amputated limbs in the country.

So far, AGA-Ucraína has already sent more than 460 tons of aid material distributed in 23 trailers, including 3 ambulances and 10 medical teams. In addition, the NGO also collaborates in the reception and care of Ukrainian refugees in Spain.

AGA-Ucraína, a great support for the Ukrainian population

The war in Ukraine began on 24 February.

The NGO has been involved in Ukraine since the beginning of the war.

UNHCR, no holds barred when it comes to helping refugees

Alonso Group already collaborated in 2021 with this entity, the UN agency for refugees, in Afghanistan, a country with more than 18 million displaced people. This year, UNHCR is working directly with the reception and care of refugees in the countries bordering Ukraine, where the exodus numbers millions of people fleeing horror, destruction and hunger. This aid is especially necessary during the winter period due to the snowfalls and extreme temperatures that hit these countries during these months. Alonso Group wanted to support this international organisation in its commendable task.

In this collaboration, Rafael Valenzuela Meseguer, Spanish Committee’s UNHCR wanted to thank the Alonso Group for its great work in helping refugees:

“I wanted to thank you on behalf of the Spanish Committee of UNHCR in the first place, but above all on behalf of the hundreds and hundreds of refugees you are helping. You will make this terrible period a little less bad and you will change their lives a lot. I hope you realise the enormous impact of this gesture you are making as a company. You are changing the world”.

UNHCR, an example of solidarity and commitment to war-affected people

UNHCR helps refugees from war in Ukraine

UNHCR helps stockpile supplies for refugees

UNHCR, foundation committed to Ukrainian refugees

Aspanion, an example of courage alongside families of children and adolescents with cancer

Created in 1985, the Association of Parents of Children with Cancer in the Valencian Community aims to guarantee the best quality of life for children and adolescents with cancer and their families. From its offices in Valencia and Alicante, they attend to an average of 130-140 new cases of diagnosed children per year.  Alonso holding company has decided to join this courageous support in its 2022 solidarity campaign. It will mean being able to pay for 200 family stays in foster homes, 100 psychological therapies for patients or financial aid for people with few resources whose family members are undergoing cancer treatment.

Silvia López, Deputy Director of Aspanion, thanked Alonso Group for its gesture of solidarity and commitment to the association and all those affected by the disease, through the following message:

“On behalf of Aspanion we thank Alonso Group again for helping us to help in 2022. The generosity of companies like you allows Aspanion to continue to offer psychological, social and financial support as well as other resources such as shelters for those affected by childhood cancer”.

Aspanion, the association to help children and adolescents with cancer

Aspanion, example of struggle and courage.

Fundación Prolibertas, shelters, soup kitchens or employment programmes

The foundation, created in 2001, has the main objective of fighting against marginalisation and social exclusion by attending to all types of people who, without distinction or discrimination, suffer from any kind of need. One of the projects undertaken by the NGO this year was the installation of solar panels in one of its headquarters to reduce energy costs. A work that has been paid for in full by Alosno Group and which, in addition to being an example of its contribution to society, is also directly related to sustainability and respect for the environment, values that the holding company has been promoting for years.

The Prolibertas Foundation fights against social exclusion.

The Prolibertas Foundation promotes job placement.

The Prolibertas Foundation, an example of contribution to society.