Axial closes the first quarter of the year with sales in excess of 120 million euros

The company, which forms part of the Alonso Group’s Energy and Infrastructures division, has achieved record sales up to March. Axial is currently one of the leading companies in the international photovoltaic sector and, throughout its history, has almost a thousand projects completed in more than forty countries.
Axial es líder mundial en el diseño, fabricación e instalación de estructuras para seguidores solares
Axial is a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of photovoltaic structures

Axial, an Alonso Group company, dedicated to the design and manufacture of trackers and fixed structures for large-scale photovoltaic projects, has ended the first quarter of 2024 with sales in excess of 120 million euros. A figure that exceeds the gigawatt supplied by its solar trackers and certifies the company’s leadership in the international photovoltaic market.

This was announced by José Luis Fayos, CEO, during the presentation of results, noting that ‘in 2023 we managed to exceed all our objectives, both in terms of revenues and projects completed and power supplied. And at the start of 2024 we are maintaining the same upward trend. Our customers trust in the quality and safety of our products and in our solvency as a company, and this has enabled us to obtain very solid results’.

In this regard, he stressed that ‘since the birth of the company, we have worked to offer pioneering technological solutions to our customers, always one step ahead of our competitors and focused on product safety’. The company highlights the work of the entire Axial team, made up of highly qualified professionals, which has allowed them to be a benchmark in the sector with a constant path of growth and recognition by the industry as one of the world leaders in the manufacture, supply and operation of trackers and structural systems for utility-scale photovoltaic projects around the world.

International benchmarks

Its extensive experience, combined with an eminently innovative character, has placed Axial among the leading companies in the international photovoltaic sector. It is currently a leader in the different European and Latin American markets with a solid presence throughout the world.

The company has almost a thousand projects completed in more than forty countries. Its role in Europe is indisputable, where the company has closed the supply of its solutions in reference projects, such as the largest photovoltaic plant built to date in the United Kingdom, or the signing of large-scale projects in Spain, Italy, France and Ireland.

Axial is also a benchmark in the Brazilian market. Axial Brazil is already one of the leading tracker manufacturers in the country, with a complete business structure, both in commercial, engineering and industrial terms. This responds to the need to have a permanent presence in the region in view of its powerful market and to continue strengthening its presence as the main tracker supplier.

New launches

Continuing with its commitment to technological innovation, the start of 2024 has also been marked by a new step in the updating of the entire Axial product line and the market launch of its new SlopeSync solar tracker, which will allow high adaptability to complex terrain. This product, as well as the rest of the company’s new products, will be officially presented during the next edition of Intersolar Europe, which will take place from 19 to 21 June in Munich (Germany).


In recent years, Axial has established itself as an international benchmark in the design and manufacture of solar trackers and fixed structures for photovoltaic facilities. One of its main hallmarks is its commitment to a high level of technological development, which allows it to make great advances in the design and manufacture of solar trackers. It is also a pioneer in key aspects such as safety in the face of adverse weather conditions such as wind or high temperatures.

The company, which is part of Alonso Group‘s energy and infrastructure division, is present in all phases of projects: from initial design to execution. Its mission is to achieve excellence and customer satisfaction through the customisation of its products and services.