Axial Structural Solutions consolidates its position in the UK market

The company, which is part of the Energy & Infrastructure division, has just announced a new milestone in the United Kingdom. Specifically, it will be responsible for supplying 375 MW of fixed structures for the largest photovoltaic plant built in the country to date, an important order for the company, which is currently the leader in the British market.
Axial Structural Solutions, líder en el mercado británico
Axial Structural Solutions, UK Market Leader

Axial Structural Solutions, which forms part of the Alonso Group‘s Energy and Infrastructure division, will be responsible for supplying the 375 MW of fixed structures for the largest photovoltaic plant built in the United Kingdom to date. The project, which is already underway, represents a new milestone for the company in the British market, where it is a benchmark in the design and manufacture of trackers and fixed structural systems.

This new plant will generate more than 350 MW of clean energy, which will power more than 91,000 homes annually. This translates into a reduction of up to 68,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

The photovoltaic structures, characterised by their uniqueness and complete customisation in order to adapt to all the customers’s needs, are part of a particularly complex project due to their dimensions as well as the location and conditions of the land.

Customised photovoltaic systems

According to company sources, “the great challenge has been to carry out a 100% customised project to offer an optimal structural design that ensures maximum use of a plant of this size. We have adapted to all the customers’s demands, both in terms of configurations and heights, as well as the requirements of the climate and the terrain”. This meticulous work has required the maximum effort from the entire Axial Structural Solutions team and has allowed us to consolidate our leadership in the United Kingdom.

Another of the main challenges faced by the engineering team has been to adapt to the demands of the location of the park, the peculiar geotechnics and the meteorology of the area. It is characterised by constant rainfall and high exposure to corrosion and strong winds. Screw foundations have also been used in those terrains with a low bearing capacity or where environmental requirements demanded it.

Prototype and ongoing technical advice

In addition, given the technical requirements of the project, a prototype of the structures was made and certain installation procedures were proposed so that the client could check that they were suitable for his needs. The aim was to guarantee maximum quality and safety. Finally, the company also offers the customer permanent advice and control on site and technical assistance from all departments.

2 GW in the UK

Axial Structural Solutions is already the number one supplier of fixed structures with 2 GW supplied in the UK. In fact the company has been responsible for supplying four of the ten largest solar plants in the country to date. Among the fifty or so projects it has developed in the British Islands, the Porth Wen 69.2 MW, the 65 MW Defford Airfield, the 70 MW Burwell and the 67 MW Breach Farm stand out.

Axial Structural Solutions has established itself as an international benchmark in the design and manufacture of solar trackers and fixed structural systems for photovoltaic facilities. One of its most distinctive features is its commitment to high technological development, which allows it to make great advances in design, manufacture and final execution.