Legendario launches Bowtie internationally, a premium gin for people with their own style

Bowtie is a London Gin made in England oriented to an audience demanding quality, but who avoids formalities. Legendario, known internationally for its star product Elixir de Cuba, begins its journey in the gin market with this new product. Under the denomination “Unusual Premium Gin” this gin adopts the name of its unmistakable yellow bow tie, symbol of elegance and originality.
Bowtie Gin, the new Legendario gin.
Bowtie Gin, the new Legendario gin.

Legendario, in its new portfolio expansion strategy, continues to bet on quality spirits in which respect for origin and traditional production are fundamental elements. Bowtie is born under this premise, a new gin produced in the United Kingdom that from this month of March is added to the catalogue of products Legendario owns internationally.

The aim is to recover the original taste of London type gin in an increasingly saturated market of mixtures and impossible combinations. Gin has always been a drink linked to British character, symbol of elegance and distinction. An elegance that Bowtie does not want to give up and therefore reinvents the concept of premium gin, stripping it of artifices and associating it with the quality of its product.

A “unabashedly elegant” gin.

This new gin adopts as its main symbol the yellow bow tie with an express declaration of intent:”You can be elegant without losing an ounce of originality”. Bowtie is a London type gin oriented to lovers of the exquisite, non-conformist with their own style, free to decide.

Made in the heart of England, following an exclusive recipe, Bowtie retains a balance of juniper, coriander, orange and lemon peel elements. In its flavor there are traces of confectionery and mineral notes with a citrus touch that produce a pleasant sensation of warmth slightly sweet.

Legendario opens up new markets

Legendario S. L., known for its star product Elixir de Cuba and the iconic Cuban flag that hangs from its bottles, is behind this gin that collects the best tradition of British spirits and brings it up to date with the taste of the most non-conformist palates.

One of the hallmarks that have made Ron Legendario one of the most valued rum brands in the world is its respect for the origin and quality of its products. A philosophy that, with this new launch of Bowtie Gin, the brand wanted to maintain, controlling exhaustively the entire production process: From the zealous creation of its original recipe that combines 11 different types of botanicals, to the meticulous production process in a family distillery near London.

Legendario S. L., which has its own offices in Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Cuba, Mexico and South Korea, launches its new Bowtie brand internationally taking advantage of the strong presence of its rums in the global market. This first launch phase will be focused on the horeca channel with the intention of initiating a progressive expansion towards the retail sector.

Bowtie Gin, la nueva ginebra de Legendario.
Bowtie Gin, the new Legendario gin.