Diverxia Infrastructure inaugurates 500 MW Antilia Solar Photovoltaic Plant in Ciudad Real

The company, which is part of the Energy and Infrastructures division, has inaugurated the Antilia Photovoltaic Plant in Puertollano, Ciudad Real. These facilities, whose solar production is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 25,000 homes. This will prevent the emission of 42,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.
El proyecto Antilia está ubicado en Puertollano, Ciudad Real.
Diverxia Infrastructure team in the Antilia project.

Diverxia Infrastructure, an Alonso Group company integrated in the Energy and Infrastructure division, has inaugurated the Antilia Solar Photovoltaic Plant located in Puertollano, Ciudad Real. A 50 MW project that has been developed and built together with CEE Group, a company specialised in the acquisition and operation of solar and wind farms throughout Europe.

The inauguration ceremony brought together the CEO of Diverxia Infrastructure, Jose Luis Fayos, accompanied by the Managing Director, Paola Casseres, part of the company’s team that led the execution of the project, together with members of CEE Group. The visit included a tour of the 83 hectares occupied by the entire plant in La Mancha.

PV Antilia Solar

Antilia Solar has a facility with 91,920 modules, 1,534 structures and 240 inverters. A structure that will allow the production of 103,494MWh of clean energy each year, equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 25,000 homes. In this way, the project will avoid the emission of 42,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, adding efforts in the process of decarbonisation of our country.

Antilia Solar Photovoltaic Plant, whose works started in 2022 and were completed last June, is part of an important package of projects that Diverxia Infrastructure is carrying out, both nationally and internationally. In fact, the Alonso Group company is currently continuing its expansion process with the execution of various major projects to be located in Spain, Europe and America.

Large renewable projects

Jose Luis Fayos, CEO of Diverxia Infrastructure, highlighted that “Antilia Solar is another step in the line of work that we are carrying out and that allows us to continue to consolidate our position as a leading company in the development of large renewable projects at a global level”. “Our presence in the Spanish market continues to grow. In fact, this photovoltaic plant, the first to be inaugurated in Castilla La Mancha in 2023, will be followed by new large-scale projects that we will soon be able to announce”, he concluded.

For her part, the Managing Director thanked “the trust that CEE Group has placed in us to be able to carry out this project, their first in Spain. As always, we have applied our highest standards to ensure the maximum quality of the project and at Diverxia Infrastructure we are very proud of the result after months of hard work”. In this sense, Casseres also highlighted the importance of “having an excellent team, whose experience and flexibility allow us to ensure the execution of large-scale projects around the world, adapting to the specific needs and characteristics of each new challenge”.

Experience and leadership in the sector

With almost 20 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, Diverxia Infrastructure is involved in the development, implementation and operation of large renewable energy projects worldwide.

With headquarters in Spain and subsidiaries in the UK, USA, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil and Romania, the company combines experience, commitment and sustained growth, generating great added value to the projects in which it participates.

Momento de la inauguración del proyecto fotovoltaico.
Inauguration of the photovoltaic project.