Diverxia obtains interconnection approval for its 240 MW photovoltaic project in Colombia

Diverxia Infrastructure, an Alonso Group company dedicated to the promotion of renewable energy projects, has achieved the Connection Concept granted by the Mining Energy Planning Unit (UPME) of Colombia, ensuring the right to evacuate energy to the grid. This milestone allows the company to continue the development of its first major photovoltaic project in Colombia, which will have a total installed capacity of 240 MW.
Diverxia desarrolla parques fotovoltaicos en Colombia

One of the main values promoted by the Alonso Group as a distinctive brand is the movement towards sustainable growth and the promotion of clean energies. In this sense, Diverxia Infrastructure perfectly embodies this commitment to efficiency and sustainability.

This photovoltaic plant project aims to use the latest technology to produce electricity from sunlight in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. The installation will generate 469 GWh per year, enough energy to supply 170,000 Colombian homes and will prevent the emission of 314,150 Tn of CO2(1) into the atmosphere each year.

The new infrastructure will cover an area of approximately 530 hectares and will be located in the Atlantic region, in the northern part of the country. Once this first step has been overcome, it is expected to obtain the few remaining permits during 2019 in order to begin construction of the plant in the course of 2020.

A pioneering project in Colombia

Few projects of this power have achieved the approval of interconnection by the UPME. Once this process has been completed, the project meets all the requirements to compete in the next energy auction that will take place at the end of February in the country and where it is expected that up to 1,183,000 MWh/year of energy from renewable sources will be contracted.

In recent years, Colombia has managed to position itself as one of the ten countries with the greatest potential for generating energy through alternative and renewable sources. Thanks to its location in Ecuador and the presence of different thermal levels, its geography is ideal for the development of photovoltaic plants.

With this project Diverxia consolidates itself as one of the main companies promoting photovoltaic projects in the Colombian market, achieving compliance with its global business plan.

(1) With a 0,67 Tn CO2/MWh factor.