Alonso Group strengthens its presence in India with the opening of a new office in Delhi

Alonso Group’s subsidiary in India, Alonso Logistics India, has just opened a new office in Delhi, strategically located in the north of the country. This opening is in addition to the headquarters that the group has been operating since a year ago in Bombay and thus consolidates the group’s expansion in the Asian country.
Team of the new office of Alonso Logistics India in New Delhi.
Team of the new office of Alonso Logistics India in New Delhi.

Alonso Group continues to advance in its process of international expansion by creating new subsidiaries under the common name “Alonso Forwarding. These are specialized offices in the freight forwarding business strategically located in key centres for international transport.

The headquarters that Grupo Alonso has just opened in New Delhi, together with the already operational office in Bombay, will cover the entire country to manage any type of traffic from or to India.

In this way “Alonso Logistics India” thus becomes the gateway to the Asian continent for commercial operations, not only with Spain, but with any country in the world acting as a global forwarder.

An expert team

To be in charge of this new branch in New Delhi,”Alonso Logistics India” has opted for a human team with extensive experience in the area and knowledgeable about the main characteristics of the Asian logistics market.

Having our own local team with a high level of training allows us to speed up the necessary procedures to successfully complete any operation, however complex it may be. Thanks to this effective response capacity, the “Alonso Logistics India” office in New Delhi has been able to integrate into the market in an immediate manner and has been operating since the beginning of the year, managing mainly air cargo, transoceanic FCL and consolidated LCL shipments.

Alonso Group, a company always on the move

One of Alonso Group’s objectives at an international level is to achieve constant growth, strengthening the current network in a coordinated manner. In this way, their customers and suppliers can take advantage of the advantages of having a solid, powerful international structure, based on collaboration that translates into a plus of efficiency, effectiveness and profitability in order to cover their needs.

The opening of this second headquarters in India is part of the gradual process of international expansion that Alonso Group is carrying out in its freight forwarding division.

At present, the group has more than 180 offices and a network of international agents spread over the five continents, as well as subsidiaries in Korea, Colombia, China, Portugal, Cuba, Argentina, Peru, Tunisia and France.