Marítima Alisea consolidates its expansion at national level by opening new office in Madrid

The shipping agency Alisea extends its commercialization in Madrid, thereby strengthening Grupo Alonso’s shipping network in the Central zone of the country.
Camión Alisea
Truck loaded with an Alisea container


The aim of the expansion is to concentrate the freight traffic with the Canary Islands in the Port of Sagunto, by taking advantage of the express service offered by Grupo Alonso’s shipping company, Nisa Marítima. A fast service that started to be regularly offered every week between Sagunto and the Canary Islands last year.

A faster route betwen Madrid and Canarias

Miguel Ángel Yagüe, manager of the new office located in Madrid, points out as one of the main aims “to attract goods from the Central zone of Spain, one of the areas with the highest cargo volume, to Sagunto as Madrid’s natural Port”. The goal of the opening is also to approach the customers in order to keep delivering “the additional added value that distinguishes Marítima Alisea, which is a personalized service with preferential customer attention and guaranteed quality”.

Contenedores Alisea
Alisea reefer containers


The new service, offered by Nisa, loads the cargo each Friday in Sagunto and delivers it on the following Monday in Las Palmas and on Tuesday in Tenerife. These results prove that the Port of Sagunto offers a lower cost per kilometer and a reduced transit time for cargo from Madrid. A service that enables the Alisea agency to strengthen its reefer business with the Canary Islands.

Grupo Alonso promotes its shipping network by opening new offices in Madrid

Grupo Alonso foresees to promote inter-modality in the operations with the Central zone in the medium term, when Sagunto’s railway connectivity enables the manufacturing of container block trains.
With the new delegation in the capital, Marítima Alisea increases its number of offices to seven: Valencia, Barcelona, Algeciras, Las Palmas, Tenerife, Alicante and now Madrid.