With an innovative design and totally accessible for people with functional diversity, the new website of Quality Dual Integra aims to be a practical tool to publicize its services as a Special Employment Centre (SEC). An innovative website presenting the services that the company, which is part of Alonso Group, offers to companies and individuals, as well as the most relevant legal aspects affecting men and women with different disabilities. In an exercise in transparency, the website also includes the subsidies received over the last few years as a SEC.
The new website is characterized by its accessibility, modern illustrations and new content.
The new website is characterized by its accessibility, modern illustrations and new content.

Quality Dual Integra launches a new website with modern illustrations designed exclusively for the brand that works for the integration and insertion of people with disabilities in the ordinary labour market, as well as for equality between men and women. As a Special Employment Centre (SEC), the new website stands out for achieving the best possible navigation among all types of visitors. The use of different font sizes, the play with volumes and spaces, as well as the use of different colours in the web, have been carefully developed.

The new website aims to publicize the main services offered to both companies and individuals. The three main areas are consultancy, installation of furniture and general services for activities such as cleaning, gardening, concierge and reception or parking assistants.

At the present time, where hygiene has increased enormously, both in the professional and domestic fields, Quality Dual Integra has been working for years on professional cleaning and disinfection in companies, offices, as well as residential, urbanizations and garages. They stand out for their use of top brand products that respect the environment.

Responsive character and detailed explanations

Each of the sections of the website contains a concise and detailed explanation along with its corresponding illustrations so that the visitor can access what he needs with the least possible effort. A clear, attractive and intuitive interface that, in addition, has a responsive design that ensures perfect viewing on all types of devices, whether computers, tablets or mobile phones. A style that seeks to approach people without distinguishing between abilities or gender and to achieve a more inclusive society.

In addition, in an exercise of transparency, the website includes the public subsidies it has received in recent years as SEC and the accredited quality seals (equality, quality or environment).

Quality Dual Integra is a company of its parent company Quality Dual, dedicated to the implementation of integrated management systems for cleaning, disinfection and maintenance of facilities. It is part of Alonso Group, a multi-sector holding company of reference in the national and international market with activity in logistics, energy and infrastructures and in the leisure sector.