SAM Algeciras expands its certifications aimed at perishables, a key export sector

The commitment to quality and continuous improvement allow SAM Algeciras services to be increasingly complete, technical and specialised, especially those aimed at perishable goods. The facilities continue to add new destinations to the functions they provide as an official customs area and have just renewed two certifications.
SAM Algeciras, plataforma multimodal en el sur del Mediterráneo
SAM Algeciras, multimodal platform of reference in the southern Mediterranean

SAM Algeciras, the multimodal platform that Alonso Group manages in the hinterland of the port of Algeciras, has renewed its authorisation and extended the destinations in the services it provides as a facility located in the customs area for carrying out phytosanitary export inspection. From now on, Ecuador becomes part of the list of countries that also includes China, South Korea, Australia, USA, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Israel, Canada, South Africa and Hong Kong. It will apply to citrus fruits, non-citrus fruits, stone fruits and tomatoes as authorised products.

Foreign trade in plants is subject to phytosanitary control at the border. This control is carried out at the border control posts (PCF) or at the places designated for official controls, as is the case of SAM Algeciras. In this way, inspections of perishable products can be carried out in an exhaustive and meticulous manner and with all the necessary guarantees.

With the inclusion of Ecuador, Alonso Group’s facilities continue to advance in its complete logistics and goods storage offer. A competitive advantage that is added to its proximity to the port of Algeciras, which has closed 2023 in fifth place in Europe among the enclaves with the best maritime connectivity. The port offers very competitive transit times with direct connections to more than 200 ports.

IFS Logistics and organic certification renewal

On the other hand, SAM Algeciras has just renewed the certification of the International Featured Standards (IFS) Logistics for the storage of food products at controlled temperature. The certification includes relevant aspects such as traceability, hygiene, pest control, quality management, safety and food defence. These are particularly important when it comes to the handling and storage of perishable products, which benefits all the actors involved in the logistics chain. Having the IFS Logistics seal is a way to increase competitiveness, improve efficiency and reduce costs by continuously improving internal processes.

Also noteworthy is the renewal of the organic product certification for its refrigerated facilities. This BIO certification is being applied to frozen food, sauces, fats, oils, fruit, vegetables, ice cream, chips, nuts and aromatic plants. Products with the ECO seal are increasingly in demand among consumers, hence the importance of having this type of certification that guarantees conformity with the organic production method.

Algeciras hinterland, reefer distribution centre for Southern Europe

The SAM Algeciras logistics platform has more than 120,000 square metres of facilities next to the main land, rail and sea routes that connect Algeciras with the rest of the world. The port functions as a reefer distribution centre for Southern Europe, North Africa and the Mediterranean.

The facilities offer a warehouse service (50,000 m2), dry storage (22,600 m2) and 5,200 m2 of cold storage (11 cold stores) with a capacity for more than 7,800 pallets, making it a benchmark platform on the Iberian Peninsula.

SAM Algeciras is part of Alonso Group, a multi-sector holding company that is a benchmark in the national and international market. With more than 60 years of experience, it is made up of more than 130 companies dedicated to logistics, energy and infrastructures and the leisure and services sector.

SAM Algeciras ha renovado su certificación IFS Logistics y para productos ecológicos
SAM Algeciras has renewed its IFS Logistics and organic certifications