Servicios Auxiliares Marítimos Algeciras (SAM Algeciras) has achieved Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certification for customs simplifications, security and safety. From now on, all goods passing through the multimodal logistics platform will have higher priority in the processing and procedures with Customs. With this requirement, SAM Algeciras adapts to the requirements of large importers and will benefit, in particular, the fruit and vegetable sector.
Aerial view of the logistics platform of more than 120,000 square meters
Aerial view of the logistics platform of more than 120,000 square meters

SAM Algeciras, the Alonso Group‘s multimodal platform that manages in the hinterland of the port of Algeciras, has recently received certification as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEOF) in its entirety. After more than a year of audits, the operational, logistical and information processes have been adapted to achieve the AEO for customs simplification, security and safety, which includes the entire logistics platform and all its services (warehouses, cold and dry storage facilities, and workshops).

From now on, those goods that are managed and stored by SAM Algeciras will benefit from the streamlining of procedures and physical and customs controls. In addition, they will have greater facilities to take advantage of the simplified procedures of the Customs and will increase their agility in the preparation of orders. The complete AEO guarantees, in short, safe working procedures that are increasingly demanded by large international goods importers.

For SAM Algeciras, this AEO seal means being able to offer an additional guarantee to its customers in all links of the logistics chain and consolidate its offer at national and international level. In addition, the platform will be able to make direct deliveries between other offices and AEO warehouses of the Alonso Group, such as the logistics platform located in Valencia.

Perishable products

With the new certification, the formalities in the containers are greatly simplified. This will be particularly true for traffic in perishable goods, especially in the fruit and vegetable sector. Products such as papayas, pumpkins, avocados, limes, bananas or pineapples arrive from different regions of Central America and the OAS will help improve the times before they reach their destinations. This authorization joins the one that a few months ago SAM Algeciras achieved by the Tax Agency, the Authorized Banana Weigher throughout the European Union Community framework.

SAM Algeciras, more than 120,000 square metres at the service of logistics

SAM Algeciraslogistics platform has more than 120,000 square metres of facilities next to the main land, rail and sea routes that connect Algeciras to the rest of the world. It offers warehouse services (50,000 m2), dry storage (22,600 m2) and 5,200 m2 of cold storage (11 bi-temperature chambers) with capacity for more than 7,800 pallets.

In addition to the importance of its daily logistic activity, it has a great added value. It is strategically located a little more than one kilometre from the port of Algeciras, one of the most important ports in the southern Mediterranean, which stands out for its container and fruit and vegetable traffic. This is a major project that has been co-financed by the European Union through the Connect Europe Mechanism.

SAM Algeciras is part of Alonso Group, a multi-sector holding company of reference in the national and international market. With more than 55 years of experience, it is made up of more than a hundred companies dedicated to logistics, energy and infrastructures and the leisure sector.