SAM Algeciras will launch the first service station of Vehicular Natural Gas of Andalucía

In its facilities can refuel both trucks powered by liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas, one of the most environmentally friendly fuels in the world. The supply point, which has been in operation for several months for internal use, will now open to the general public.

SAM Algeciras Natural Gas Vehicle service station.

SAM Algeciras Natural Gas Vehicle service station.

SAM Algeciras Natural Gas Vehicle service station.

SAM Algeciras Natural Gas Vehicle service station.

SAM Algeciras Natural Gas Vehicle service station.

Servicios Auxiliares Marítimos Algeciras (SAM Algeciras), the logistics center managed by Alonso Group in Algeciras, already has the first Vehicular Natural Gas (VNG) station in Andalucía.

The infrastructure is part of the environmental strategy of Alonso Group, which calls the progressive implementation of an environmentally-friendly transportation model that will allow to offer to its clients as many CO2-free kilometers as possible.

The installation, a result of the collaboration between the Alonso Group, Endesa and Molgas, has been operating for some months and will soon be opened to the general public, has a natural gas tank in the liquid state of 60 cubic meters and allows to supply vehicles that use both compressed natural gas (CNG) Such as liquefied natural gas (LNG).

VNG starting point for Europe

SAM Algeciras natural gas service station, is an important milestone in the map of energy infrastructures in the Iberian peninsula. This new point of supply, being located in the main logistic hub of southern Spain, will allow natural gas powered industrial vehicles to make the complete route from the Mediterranean Sea Corridor, from Algeciras to the French border, without any problem of Supply and autonomy.

Today, there are already 49 VNG stations that are in operation throughout Spain and there are 21 more facilities under construction. An unmistakable sign of the vital importance of the use of environmentally friendly fuels in the transport sector.

Ecological and economic fuel

Vehicular natural gas is the most environmentally friendly fossil fuel that can be used today in road transport. Unlike diesel or gasoline engines, the combustion of natural gas is absolutely clean and no ash or solid particles are emitted into the atmosphere.

Natural gas is a fuel that is virtually free of sulfur dioxide, which is the main cause of acid rain. In addition, harmful emissions such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxide are minimal compared to conventional fuels .

About its characteristics in terms of security, VNG is a very safe fuel due to it being less dense than air, any accidental leakage that might occur would disperse quickly without being confined to any space as with liquid fuels .