Setemar increases process automation with new equipment

The company’s logistics division has acquired new state-of-the-art electric forklifts characterised by their high reliability and performance. They are already in operation and are a commitment to operational and environmental efficiency. Setemar is currently carrying out multiple automation processes in all its services.

Setemar takes a new step in automation and efficiency.

Electric forklift trucks have a large capacity.

Setemar, the Alonso Group company with multimodal logistics platforms in Valencia, Barcelona, Algeciras, Madrid, Murcia and Alicante, has taken a new step to increase the automation and efficiency of its operations. Specifically, the company has acquired new state-of-the-art electric forklifts for the daily work movements in its warehouses. The new equipment, characterised by its high reliability and performance, is already in operation in the facilities of more than 200,000 square metres located in Quart de Poblet (Valencia).

Some of the advantages of the new machines, which consume less energy than previous models, are their high robustness and safety. They also greatly reduce noise and fumes, thus helping to reduce the carbon footprint of the facilities. Easy to operate, the electric forklift trucks have a high capacity and are subject to continuous inspections by the manufacturer (Yale). Yet another example of modernisation and efficiency at the service of any industrial sector by the company integrated in the logistics division of the Alonso Group. New machinery that, being more reliable and safer, means considerable improvements in the working conditions of the employees who drive them.

Increased operational, economic and environmental efficiency

Setemar is currently carrying out multiple automation processes in all its services and the acquisition of this new machinery is another example of this. New solutions for optimal process management, aimed at greater operational, economic and environmental efficiency. The optimisation of logistics processes, together with the use of new, less polluting energies in maritime, air and land transport, is already a reality in an industry that is aware of the multiple challenges faced by supply chains.

The added value of being part of the Alonso Group

Setemar, as part of the Alonso Group, has the guarantee of belonging to one of the most important logistics groups in the country with a presence in all links of the logistics chain: shipping companies, port terminals, logistics operators, forwarders specialised in cold, land transport division… A complete and total coverage for a holding company present in five continents with 2,521 professionals distributed around the world.

La nueva maquinaria persigue una mayor eficiencia operativa y ambiental
The new equipment aims for greater operational and environmental efficiency.