SIM and Disbroquer, exemplary companies in the field of occupational safety

Servicios Integrales Marítimos (SIM) and the freight forwarder Disbroquer have received a distinction for their good practices in the prevention of accidents at work. Both companies have kept the number of occupational accidents and diseases at zero for the last five and ten years respectively.

SIM and Disbroquer have been recognized for their efforts in the field of occupational risk prevention through the presentation of a diploma and a commemorative sculpture. The two companies belonging to the Alonso Group have received this distinction from the heads of Activa Mutua in the Valencia Region.

Thanks to its good preventive practice, SIM has maintained itself for five consecutive years without having to regret any occupational accidents or diseases, a figure that in the case of Disbroquer is doubled to ten years with zero occupational accidents. These numbers place both companies as a benchmark in terms of prevention.

SIM and Disbroquer, examples to follow

According to Carlos Gutiérrez, from the Occupational Risk Prevention Department of Activa Mutua, of the more than 10,000 companies that work with them in the Valencia Region,”only five of them have managed to reach ten years without occupational accidents“. And if we talk about five years without accidents, the number barely reaches the 15 companies.

A common concern of all the companies that make up the Alonso Group is to provide its employees with a safe and comfortable working environment in which to carry out their daily activities. For this reason, the Human Resources Department collaborates with entities specialising in the prevention of occupational risks, such as Activa Mutua, in order to implement protocols and safety systems that guarantee levels far above those required by current legislation.

According to data from the Ministry of Employment and Social Security, in the last five years the number of accidents at work in Spain has been increasing continuously, reaching the figure of 583,425 accidents at work with sick leave per year. In a situation like this, it is especially significant that several of the companies in the Alonso Group have managed to keep their statistics on accidents at work and occupational diseases at zero. Some figures, which reflect the fruit of impeccable management in the prevention of occupational risks.