The exclusive bottle of extra vintage rum “Estrella del Caribe” has been presented at the emblematic Hotel Nacional in La Habana, Cuba. An event that has been picked up by the main mass media in the country. With this launch, Legendario wanted to make its particular tribute to the 500th anniversary of the founding of the city of San Cristobal de La Habana.
The "Caribbean Star" bottle has had a great impact.
The presentation “Estrella del Caribe” bottle has had a great impact in cuban mass media.

Legendary, one of the most popular Cuban rum brands in the world, has produced the exclusive “Estrella del Caribe” bottle to mark the 500th anniversary of the founding of the village of San Cristóbal de La Habana. It is an exclusive bottle of extra old rum, made one hundred percent in Czech glass, protected in a pyramid-shaped case.

Hundreds of activities and projects have been organized throughout the country for this historic celebration and the spirits company also wanted to join this initiative. La Habana has been, is and will be the star of the Caribbean. In fact, with this new creation, we want to make a particular tribute to the city that saw the birth of the brand, an allegory to the Cuban origin of Legendary.

The “Estrella del Caribe” bottle represents a star raised on an illuminated base, which enhances the light as a whole. The case has a pyramidal shape and a completely golden interior that has attracted the attention of all attendees during the presentation.

Extra Añejo Rum: the soul of “Estrella del Caribe”

For this very special occasion, the master rum maker has used century-old bases made from the best sugar cane honeys in the Cuban West, which have undergone four long stages of aging, with the third and fourth stages taking place in barrels with more than 40 years of work.

The “Estrella del Caribe” rum has a complex structure, with amber tones, bright and slightly greenish edges, its aroma is floral (orange blossom), fruity with citrus notes, balsamic and menthol (eucalyptus and mint). It also has sweet spicy sequences of vanilla sticks and dried black pepper, earthy nuances of sugar cane and minerals, coffee roasts, carob and caramelized apple.

This is a limited edition product, legitimate and unrepeatable.

La Habana: founded in 1519

Historically, the Cuban city, founded in 1519, became the main overseas port due to its privileged location and its light guided all sailors. With the introduction of the concept of a star in the exceptional bottle, the aim was to highlight the light of La Habana to the maximum: the “Estrella del Caribe”.

The Legendario’s history is linked to that of the island of Cuba itself. It was in 1946 when it began its first production and, since then, more than half a century later, it continues to be made entirely in Cuba with very artisan methods of manufacture.

Today it has become one of the reference brands in the spirits sector. Legendary rums made in this Caribbean country are also exported all over the world, making it a unique and singular drink.