Through Tymsa, a company specialized in the repair and maintenance of containers, Alonso Group has been in charge of supplying and transporting several reefer containers to Madrid and Castellón. The reefers will be placed in medical-scientific research centres where work is being done to obtain the vaccine to fight the Covid-19.
Work is ongoing to achieve a vaccine against Covid-19.
Work is ongoing to achieve a vaccine against Covid-19.

Técnica y Manutención (TYMSA), a Alonso Group company specialised in the repair and maintenance of all types of containers, has supplied and carried out the transport of reefer-type containers for two Spanish medical research centres, which are currently working to advance the vaccine against the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19 or coronavirus.

On the one hand, one of the containers has been moved to Madrid via Transportes Alonso, one of the areas currently most affected by the epidemic in Spain, specifically to the facilities of the Carlos III Health Institute, an organisation that depends on the Ministry of Health and which works tirelessly to achieve progress in improving the public health response to this disease, as well as to develop new preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic tools for the coronavirus.

Mobilizing resources to fight the coronavirus

With this logistics, Alonso Group, which has mobilized part of its resources to contribute in the fight against this epidemic on a global scale, shows its awareness of the current difficult situation. From its commitment and effort, the holding is trying to contribute with all the resources at its disposal, in the fight against the coronavirus and thus get back to normal, social and economic as soon as possible.

Commitment and recognition to the Logistics area

In this exceptional situation, Alonso Group continues to develop all its logistics activity to ensure the proper functioning of the national and international supply chain.
Alonso Group’s professional teams are making a titanic effort to continue offering an effective and efficient service to customers, suppliers, partners and society.

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