Alonso Group increases its equipment at the Morrot rail terminal

The logistics holding company Alonso, with multimodal platforms distributed in the most strategic points of the Iberian Peninsula, has reinforced its specialised equipment at the multimodal terminal of Morrot (Barcelona). This is a new reach stacker that will reduce the times of land and rail operations, an increase in efficiency that will have an impact, especially in the handling of semi-trailers in freight trains.

The new reach stacker at Morrot rail terminal.

The new machinery is now fully operational.

Alonso Group, with multimodal logistics platforms in Valencia, Barcelona, Algeciras, Murcia, Alicante and Madrid, has expanded its specialised equipment with the purchase of a new reach stacker that is already fully operational. It is a model equipped with piggy back and automatic greasing that will be destined to the multimodal terminal of Morrot (Barcelona) managed by the company UTE Sefemed, of the Alonso business group.

The new purchase makes it possible to load and unload containers, swap bodies, vats or semi-trailers and, thanks to its efficiency, will significantly reduce operating time of the Morrot terminal. This is a major step forward in the speed and competitiveness of operations, which will be reflected in all land transport activities (lorries) as well as train loads (rail). A reinforcement that will be particularly notable in all operations with semi-trailers in view of the increase in the number of semi-trailers on all trains arriving at the facilities.

The Morrot terminal has mixed gauge rail tracks (UIC and Iberian), which allows it to accommodate all types of freight trains with services linking to the centre of Europe. Another of the great advantages of the Morrot terminal is its proximity to the hinterland of the port of Barcelona, one of the most important in Spain in terms of the volume of general or ro-ro freight traffic handled.

Rail motorways, a real alternative to land transport

Rail motorways are a transport system in which road vehicles (lorries) are transported by rail in shuttle services, in which the semi-trailer travels without the tractor unit. This is the example of Morrot, where this type of loading is carried out and where it is not necessary for the lorry driver to travel on the train.

This mode of transport is a real commitment to intermodality, road safety, punctuality and sustainability. In fact, rail motorways are very environmentally friendly as they avoid more lorry traffic.

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