Alonso Group’s solidarity takes the form of numerous aid projects through the organisations it supports

All the NGOs that received the aid have already launched different initiatives aimed at disadvantaged groups or those at risk of exclusion. In turn, the social organisations have expressed their gratitude to the Alonso Group for their contributions, during the last Christmas campaign, so that their projects can become a reality.
Las diferentes organizaciones sociales con las que ha colaborado Grupo Alonso
Different social organisations have recently received support from Alonso Group

Last Christmas, Alonso Group collaborated with different local, national and international social organisations that seek to help those most in need in different areas and due to different circumstances (social inequalities, war, exodus, refugees…). One of the recipients was the AGA-Ukraine NGO, which supports the civilian population in the main cities of the war-torn country. Almost two months after the financial aid reached the organisation, the major investments to which it is to be allocated have already been set in motion.

Firstly, an item dedicated to the purchase of hearing aids for civilians and military personnel who have lost their hearing as a result of bombing. Medical equipment has already been donated to the Scientific Research Institute in the notorious city of Bucha. In addition, thanks to the support of the corporate group, the NGO will be able to purchase a 3D scanner for the prosthetics unit of a reference hospital in Ukraine.

This solidarity is particularly significant given that 24 February marked one year since the war began in the country. An invasion that is affecting millions of people and forcing many families to be displaced, both internally and externally. According to estimates by some international organisations, around 7,068 civilians have died in Ukraine and 11,415 have been wounded in these twelve months of war.

In this context of war, destruction, exodus and poverty, all aid adds up to an increasingly unprotected population that, at this time, must also face the harshness of winter. We cannot forget those who need it most, and actions such as these show the human quality and values of those who form part of Alonso Group.

La guerra de Ucrania ha provocado cientos de heridos y desplazados

Son muchas las personas que necesitan prótesis auditivas por los efectos de la guerra.

La población lleva un año sufriendo los efectos de la guerra.

In addition, Banco de Alimentos, and the NGOs Aspanion, UNHCR – the UN refugee agency – and the Fundación Prolibertas also received significant aid from Alonso Group. These organisations have already implemented their different social programmes this year and have sent their thanks to the business group in recent weeks.

Banco de Alimentos and Aspanion, on the move with their aid projects

The internal campaign for employees to collect non-perishable foodstuffs and children’s hygiene products was a display of generosity. In the case of Banco de Alimentos, they have expressed their satisfaction “for the effort of all Alonso Group employees to collect food and basic necessities. A total of 325 kilos of food have already been delivered to families at risk of social exclusion. The donation that is made every year is a great help to many disadvantaged citizens and a great incentive for us to continue working day after day”.

El Banco de Alimentos, destinatario de la ayuda de los empleados de Grupo Alonso
Banco de Alimentos, recipient of aid from Alonso Group employees

For its part Aspanion, the association of parents of children with cancer in the Valencian Community, has also expressed its gratitude to the business group. “A great help with which it has been possible to pay for 200 stays of families in our reception flats in Valencia and Alicante. In addition, 100 psychological therapies have been carried out for children and adolescents in the process of illness. This resource has also been given to their fathers, mothers and siblings (even in bereavement). And for families in situations of social exclusion to which, unfortunately, the drama of childhood cancer is added, we have been able to provide intense support, including help with rent, payment of supplies, travel and food,” the organisation stresses.

Aspanion, todo un ejemplo de ayuda a enfermos oncológicos
Aspanion, an example of helping cancer patients
Thank you messages from UNHCR and Fundación Prolibertas

Also UNHCR, which continues to work on the ground with the refugees, has shown its full satisfaction. In particular, Rafael Valenzuela Meseguer, from the Spanish Committee of the NGO, thanked Alonso Group for its great work: “I wanted to thank you first of all on behalf of the Spanish Committee of UNHCR, but above all on behalf of the hundreds and hundreds of refugees you are helping. You make this terrible period less devastating for their lives. I hope you realise the enormous impact of this gesture you are making as a company. You enable UNHCR to continue its work to protect and dignify the lives of people who have been forced to flee their homes”.

ACNUR trabaja en zonas con refugiados en todo el mundo

Son muchas las personas que necesitan prótesis auditivas por los efectos de la guerra.

Finally, Fundación Prolibertas, created in 2001 and whose main objective is the fight against marginalisation and social exclusion, has thanked Alonso Group for its involvement in the project to install solar panels in one of its headquarters. “The work has already been paid for in full and will help us to reduce energy costs. We are helping people and also the planet”. These values, respect for the environment and commitment to sustainability, are directly related to numerous initiatives that the holding company has been promoting for years.

Prolibertas ayuda a colectivos en riesgo de exclusión social
Prolibertas helps groups at risk of social exclusion

All these actions show, without a doubt, the sensitivity of Alonso Group towards the most needy and the firm will, shown campaign after campaign, to contribute to society a part of what has been achieved through the collective effort of all those who form part of the business group.