Alonso Group strengthens its international brand by participating in events in Europe and Asia

The holding company has taken part in two international meetings where important issues such as the role of the railway in freight transport, the efficiency in logistics, the challenges of the current supply chain or the importance of strengthening commercial relations in an interconnected world have been debated.

Connecting Europe Days has brought together hundreds of professionals in Lyon

The future of community transport is up for debate.

The Alonso holding company continues to strengthen its international brand in the world’s main markets. In Europe, as a sign of its interest in following the latest trends in the logistics sector, the mobility of the future and sustainability in european transport, Alonso Group has participated in the Connecting Europe Days fair. The event brought together industry representatives from all over the world in the French city of Lyon, with a large presence of the European Commission. The event reviewed the present and future of  EU transport.

Within the framework of Connecting Europe Days, Alonso Group professionals have presented the holding company’s star project in the field of intelligent transport: the Global Logistics Plan. It’s a commitment to intermodality and the railway as a priority means of freight mobility. The project aims to connect the group’s own logistics centres located in the main hubs of maritime freight traffic in the Iberian Peninsula, through multi-customer and multi-product trains. The Global Logistics Plan has been recognised as being of strategic interest by the European Commission and is co-financed by the European Union through the “Connecting Europe” mechanism.  All this support for a route that is marking the present and the future, directly linked to efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness in logistics.

Connecting Europe Days, a trade fair addressing european transport challenges.
Connecting Europe Days, a trade fair addressing european transport challenges.
Logistics platforms in the Iberian Peninsula

 Alonso Group currently manages nine intermodal logistics platforms distributed throughout the Iberian Peninsula. In the hinterland of the port of Barcelona, it manages the Can Tunis and Morrot terminals, more than 220,000 square metres of facilities with mixed gauge tracks (Iberian and UIC). In Valencia, it has the Setemar platforms, with AEO certification and customs tax advantages, as well as the intermodal terminal at Silla and the rail terminal at Fuente de San Luis. In addition, the logistics platform next to the multi-purpose terminal in the port of Sagunto, also managed by the holding company, also stands out.

Likewise, in a strategic location in the south of the peninsula, the Alonso Group’s SAM Algeciras logistics platform – 120,000 square metres – is only 1.5 kilometres from the port of Algeciras, one of the most important in Europe. Finally, the logistics platforms in Alicante -15,000 square metres-, Murcia -located in Molina de Segura– and in the centre of the peninsula, the one in Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara) with 2,900 square metres of refrigerated warehousing, stand out.

A unique complete and intermodal offer that undoubtedly contributes to the ultimate objective of the holding company to offer C02-free services by 2030-2035 to all customers. An eco-logical chain at the service of a more sustainable logistics industry and a decarbonised economy.

Operasia forges new alliances with Latin America

Currently, Alonso Group has, through the Operasia brand, a presence in seven major cities in China: Hong Kong, Guanzhou, Ningbo, Qindao, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Xiamen. These strategic locations allow Alonso Group customers to establish direct relations with one of the main hubs of international trade.

Operasia participates in an international business forum.
Operasia participates in an international business forum.