Alonso Group supports the participation of the sportsman David Ramírez in the mythical Titan Desert race

The Alonso Group`s professional, and director of the Yoofit gymnasium, will participate in the tough mountain race in Morocco for six days in an itinerary of more than 600 kilometers. With this support Alonso Group shows its commitment to the values linked to sport.

Alonso Group sponsors the presence of the athlete David Ramírez en la Titan Dessert.

Alonso Group sponsors the presence of the athlete David Ramírez en la Titan Dessert.

Morocco's desert will be the scene of the race.

David Ramirez's preparation is being very hard.

The Titan Desert race is one of the toughest in the world.

Alonso Group sponsors the participation of David Ramírez, director of the Yoofit gymnasium, located in the MEEU facilities, in the Titan Desert mountain race. The professional of Alonso Group, linked to the leisure area of the holding company, will carry out the mountain bike test that will take place from 28 April to 3 May in the Moroccan desert.

Effort, overcoming, new challenges, teamwork, healthy living… are some values linked to sport that Alonso Group wants to promote every day, and, for this, has not hesitated to support this initiative. In fact, the action falls within the area of Corporate Social Responsibility of the group in such a way that, every year, projects of a social, cultural or environmental nature are supported, with the aim of contributing to a more equitable society.

Hard preparation

Ramirez is already training hard for the test. “It’s one of the hardest races in the world. It’s in the desert and we’ll face the heat, the dunes, the thermal contrasts… that’s why I’ve been specifically trained for the race, since October, an average of 12 hours a week of cycling and 4 hours of strength training, with only 1 day off. It’s going to be an incredible experience, both personally and professionally,” he explains.

It is not the first race that faces the head of Yoofit, one of the most avant-garde gyms in Madrid “I have already done some other also in stages. Specifically, I have done three times the return to Ibiza – three stages with 230 kilometres and 5,900 metres of unevenness – and the Madrid-Lisbon stage of 770 kilometres”, emphasises David.

Titan Desert

The mythical mountain bike race consists of 6 stages and more than 600 kilometers during 6 days crossing the most incredible landscapes of Morocco. It is aimed at all mountain biking enthusiasts who want to excel and live a unique experience.

It is a sporting event where orientation and endurance are paramount through infinite desert plains, dunes or impressive mountains. It also becomes a complete adventure because, at the end of each stage, the participants arrive at the camp, where, housed in tents, they can live as authentic desert nomads.