Aura Forwarding, a new forwarding company with a sustainable and differentiated vocation

The Alonso Group logistics division continues to grow. The latest example is the launch of Aura Forwarding, a new forwarding company determined to make a difference and with a sustainable soul. Headquartered in Madrid, Aura Forwarding has a highly professional and dynamic team. It works with all types of industries and production sectors.
Aura Forwarding, la nueva transitaria de Grupo Alonso
Aura Forwarding, the Alonso Group new freight forwarding company

The growth and expansion of the logistics division of  Alonso Group continues to advance in the last quarter of the year. The latest example is the launch of Aura Forwarding, the new freight forwarding brand of the holding company. Its launch comes at a crucial time when trade flows are in continuous movement and transformation. In this challenging context, Aura Forwarding sees opportunities in the logistics market and is determined to make a difference.

With the slogan “The essential is the important thing”, the company seeks to distinguish itself from the traditional forwarder by providing a highly personalised service that makes customers feel like allies. To achieve this purpose, the company relies on the strong support of Alonso Group, an international holding company with a presence in all links of the logistics chain.

Aura Forwarding’s head office is located in Madrid, an essential logistical point due to its central location and capital city. It also has an office in Valencia, a major gateway for import and export operations in the country through the port of Valencia.

Aura Forwarding is made up of a dynamic and highly professional team led by Melisa Alvárez, with extensive experience in supply chain management. The company works with all types of production and industrial sectors, such as pharma, technology and food.

An innovative company with a sustainable soul

Alonso Group’s solid presence in international markets ensures quality customer service and opens up a wide range of opportunities for Aura Forwarding. The company offers comprehensive services such as air, sea, reefer, warehousing and rail transport.

At the same time, Aura Forwarding‘s philosophy is to respect the environment and to meet the highest demands in terms of sustainability. It seeks to operate efficiently in the present without compromising the capacity of future generations. A statement of intent for a young company, but strongly aware of the challenges and demands of today.

Alonso Group’s global presence

The logistics sector is in a state of constant transformation, driven by technological advances, changes in consumer demand and the need for efficiency in the supply chain. In this context it is essential to keep abreast of the latest trends and understand customer needs and demands.

In this sense, Alonso Group has demonstrated an outstanding capacity to adapt and grow in this environment. Its expansion strategy, both nationally and internationally, has allowed the company to achieve a global presence in markets on five continents. This effort has led the holding company to position itself as a leader in the logistics industry, an achievement that is not only due to its geographical reach, but also to its dedication and commitment to service excellence.