Axial Structural launches its new AgriTracker solar tracker, an innovative system for the agricultural sector

The company, part of the Alonso Group’s Energy and Infrastructures division, has just launched AgriTracker, an innovative system that combines photovoltaic solar energy with the agricultural sector. The new product, able to adapt to all types of plantations and land, has already been implemented in a cultivation area in the south of France.

The new solar tracker allows optimisation of light and shade periods for crops.

The new solution designed by Axial Structural Solutions adapts to different plantations and terrain.

Axial Structural Solutions, an Alonso Group company dedicated to the design, manufacture and assembly of photovoltaic installations, has just launched AgriTracker, an innovative solar tracker for the agricultural sector. The new photovoltaic product allows, in a dynamic way, to optimise the periods of light and shade, favouring the optimal growth of the crop while maximising energy production.

In this regard, AgriTracker combines solar tracking technology with the requirements of the crop being worked on, allowing for a specific solution for each type of plantation and adapting to its specific needs. It is undoubtedly a very useful tool for the farmer as it helps to generate energy while protecting crops from inclement weather.

The company’s first agrivoltaic project has been carried out on a three-hectare cultivation area in the south of France, which corresponds to the first project of a 100 MW pipeline of this technology to be implemented over the next two years in the area.

Total adaptation to different plantations and lands

The new solar tracker can be adapted to land with different slopes and to all types of plantations, such as vineyards, fruit and vegetable plantations. This is possible thanks to the adaptability of the structure that integrates a transmission system that can adapt to very steep slopes and move structures with variable dimensions.

With this launch, Axial Structural Solutions product development engineering has succeeded in combining two of the most important activities for sustainable economic development: agriculture and the generation of clean energy.

AgriTracker Shadow Programing APP

In addition to the execution of the solar tracker, Axial Structural Solutions has developed an application: AgriTracker Shadow Programming in which the tracking or anti-tracking hours of the installed agri-tracking system can be defined, guaranteeing that shadows on the crop are kept to a minimum when the plantation needs it. Likewise, with the APP’s dynamic control system, it is also possible to control specific positions at specific times or to manage, in real time, the individual positioning of the trackers via ModBus Live Control.

All the mechanical elements that make up the Axial Agritracker are subjected to the same processes of calculation, analysis and wind tunnel tests used in the rest of Axial Structural Solutions products. In this way it is possible to dimension and secure the product against the climatic conditions of each specific area.