Alonso Group collaborates with Dadoris Foundation to help young people with their university or postgraduate studies

Dadoris Foundation helps the academic and professional development of young people with brilliant records. This commendable work has been supported by Alonso Group. The aim, according to the corporation, is to promote the ability and spirit of improvement of those who are called to occupy the labour market of the future.
Jóvenes en la sede de la Fundación Dádoris
Young people at the headquarters of the Dadoris Foundation in Madrid

Education is the great engine for personal development. It is the most powerful weapon for changing the world. A phrase from the famous Nelson Mandela, which the Dadoris Foundation constantly quotes to sum up its work. The organisation, which has been working for five years on the development of young people with brilliant academic records but who are socially disadvantaged, has received Alonso Group support to continue promoting its commendable work.

Specifically, the business holding company‘s contribution will go towards financing part of the programme in which 83 students will see their educational plans supported during the 2023-2024 academic year. It will be for university students -there are enrolled in 28 different universities throughout Spain and they are studying 19 different degrees-, postgraduate students or those who are preparing for a competitive examination for the judiciary. 65% of the winners are women while 35% are men.

“Once again we are trying to reinforce the professional development of young people with great capacity and spirit of self-improvement, which is an invaluable investment for the future of society and the labour market“, stressed Alonso Group. For its part, Dadoris Foundation has insisted on the “constant effort and commitment of our students. The aim is for them to always maintain hope, confidence and enthusiasm in their abilities”. Currently, 35 companies collaborate with Dadoris Foundation, which has 180 volunteers. For their part, the students undertake to maintain an excellent academic performance and to dedicate a minimum of 50 hours a year to social work in support of other disadvantaged groups.

Alonso Group’s CSR area is constantly being developed

In recent years, Alonso holding company has continued to strengthen its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts by supporting initiatives that, due to their social, sporting or sustainable impact, have great relevance wherever they are carried out. In this sense, the aim is to continue working to generate a positive impact on society and the environment in an active manner as an international holding company, present on five continents.