Diverxia H2, the new Alonso Group company that works in the field of green hydrogen

The new company, part of the Energy and Infrastructure division, is already up and operating and has actions on the table that will promote the sustainability of the planet. Diverxia H2 works in the development and execution of green hydrogen generation projects in the field of logistics and transportation.This is yet another commitment to innovation, renewable energies and sustainability by the Alonso holding company.
The new company promotes green hydrogen in the field of transport and logistics.
The new company promotes green hydrogen in the field of transport and logistics.

The Energy and Infrastructure division of Alonso Group has just launched a new company, Diverxia H2, dedicated to the production, storage and dispensing of green hydrogen (H2) to supply fleets of goods vehicles powered by this fuel.

The new project also aims to develop green hydrogen plants that will be located next to the holding company’s own photovoltaic power plants already in operation. In addition, Diverxia H2 intends to locate green hydrogen generation and dispensing facilities next to the main transport corridors, as well as in the surroundings of logistics centers.

Leadership and sustainability

With the launch of this company, Alonso Group takes another step forward to continue promoting alternative energy sources, sustainable transportation and a decarbonized economy in the near future.

Diverxia H2 combines all the experience in the development and execution of renewable energy infrastructures of its parent company, Diverxia Infrastructure.The company’s nearly 20 years of leadership in the global renewable energy sector, and a constant evolution towards sustainability focused technology, will make the new company a key player in the green hydrogen generation sector.

Green hydrogen, the fuel of the future

As a result of a process called electrolysis, hydrogen is generated 100% from renewable energy sources, although it is more expensive to produce than traditional hydrogen.The so-called fuel of the future is positioning itself as a clean, inexhaustible, storable, versatile and transportable energy source. A path towards climate neutrality in which it will be an undisputed protagonist.

The launch of Diverxia H2 coincides with the adhesion of Alonso Group to the H2VLC-Valencia Green Hydrogen Valley Program, which, together with the main Valencian public and business institutions, wants to promote this fuel.The holding company is also involved in the Working Commission of the Renewable Hydrogen Strategy of the Valencian Community 2030.

Finally, Alonso Group has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with the CMT University Institute of the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) to receive technological support for research and development of green hydrogen.

Alonso Group Energy and Infrastructure Division

The Alonso Group’s constant support for its Energy and Infrastructure division, which has extensive experience in the field of renewables, is yet another example of the holding company’s commitment to promoting an emission-free economy. The final objective is to offer its customers and partners CO2-free services by 2030-2035. A real ambition we work on every day and a commitment to the new generations.