Diverxia celebrates its 15th anniversary in the period of greatest growth

Diverxia Infrastructure, the company of Grupo Alonso dedicated to the promotion of infrastructure projects in the field of renewable energies, celebrates its 15th anniversary since the beginning of its commercial activity. Its first major project was the PV Lliriasol (Spain) and two years later it made the international leap. This anniversary coincides with the company’s most brilliant phase in which it is developing the large photovoltaic complex in Huéneja (Granada) with a total power of 150 MW and over 100 million euros in investment.

XV Aniversario Diverxia
Exhibitor designed for the celebration of Diverxia Infrastructure’s 15th Anniversary

Diverxia Infrastructure is celebrating 15 years of activity, coinciding with one of its most brilliant stages, without losing sight of its original philosophy, which keeps them down to earth. It was born in 2006, in a very favourable context for renewable energies in Spain. An initial stage in which they promoted smaller photovoltaic projects, both on the ground and on roofs, the size of which is far removed from the projects they are currently developing.

Paola Cásseres, Managing Director of the company, stresses that they are especially proud after years of growth to maintain the same way of understanding their way of working that identifies them in the sector “with a highly qualified team made up of great professionals but above all, very good people, who have been imbued with our philosophy and transmit it at all levels”.

The crisis, a time of reinvention for the company

During these 15 years, Diverxia has lived through different stages, one of which involved surviving the economic crisis of 2010 which forced them to reinvent themselves, by adapting their activity to an international market and a type of client that allowed them to overcome the crisis. The company’s expansion to other continents gave them a presence in practically any part of the planet, adapting to all types of markets, languages and cultures in record time.

They have always believed that the future of the sector lies in emerging markets, without forgetting other points where opportunities may arise. “We live in a constant crisis that seems to be forgotten, which is global warming. At some point society must take this crisis more seriously and this means applying measures of a different calibre involving the use of renewable energies,” Cásseres points out. These are needs that are going to take place at a global level, without distinguishing between developed and emerging countries, to which global solutions must be provided, and here renewable energies are the protagonists as they are a necessary good that will rise as one of the driving forces behind the reactivation of the economy.

Cartelería exterior de la compañía
The company’s exterior signage for its 15th anniversary
Ecological transition in the spotlight in Europe

Europe is taking steps to make renewable energy a key pillar in implementing the ecological transition to a sustainable planet. In this process, Diverxia, thanks to its growth and specialization achieved during these 15 years, has become one of the leading actors in the photovoltaic sector. The company has the advantage of being and developing a large part of the value chain of any renewable generation project, as it has the capacity to develop the green field up to the point of putting it into operation and managing the asset. “This allows us to provide projects with economic, technical and legal security with high quality standards that allow the future owners of the plants to obtain a much more competitive LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy), which translates into a lower cost of energy for the end user”, emphasizes the Managing Director of the company.

Huéneja macro-project, a milestone in the history of Diverxia

Huéneja photovoltaic complex is the largest project promoted by Diverxia to date, along with others in the portfolio, currently in intermediate stages of development. It is an important milestone in the company’s history, both for its size and for the challenge it has posed for all its professionals at different levels.

In the initial stage, the process of obtaining land rights was very complex as it involved closing up to 80 different leases, with different owners. The next step, during the process of obtaining the permits, they were surprised by the pandemic which made it difficult for them to meet the established deadlines which were finally solved without damage and successfully until they were now in the initial phase of construction. If all goes according to plan, the plants will be connected to the grid by the end of 2021.

These constant challenges, which have been amply overcome, have enabled Diverxia Infrastructure to become a benchmark company in the photovoltaic sector with its sights set on national and international projects.

Logotipo diseñado con motivo del aniversario
Logo designed for the 15th anniversary