Euroglobal Parking of the Alonso Group, new alternative to parking problems in Valencia

The new Alonso Group car park, strategically located in the center of Valencia, offers parking solutions in one of the areas of the city most affected by the lack of free parking spaces. The opening of Euroglobal Parking becomes an efficient alternative and very useful in one of the three Spanish capitals where it is more difficult to find parking for all types of vehicles.

Euroglobal Parking

Euroglobal Parking

Euroglobal Parking

Euroglobal Parking

Euroglobal Parking

Euroglobal Parking has been positioned as one of the best solutions for neighbors and visitors by strategically located at Avenida Cardenal Benlloch 45, a few steps from the Mestalla stadium, Hospital Casa de Salud, Babel cinemas and the nightlife area.

With 9,000 square meters of facilities distributed in five floors, the urban parking managed by Grupo Alonso, offers 275 spaces for cars and 40 spaces for motorcycles.

Being surrounded by three of the main arteries of circulation of the city, such as the avenues of Cardenal Benlloch, Aragón and Avenida del Puerto, the area must support, not only the usual traffic of its neighbors, but also that of those who move for commercial or business purposes.

Euroglobal Parking, a car park that provides solutions

Valencia is one of the Spanish capitals with the highest density of cars per inhabitant, ahead of other big cities like Barcelona or Madrid. According to the statistical yearbook of the City of Valencia, in the Valencian streets circulates one vehicle for every 2.5 people.

For a city that in 2016 had counted 455,870 vehicles, managing the traffic problems related to the search for parking, is a challenge.

Some measures, such as the increase in regulated parking areas (ORA) or the hardening of fines for double parking, have failed to ensure that the approximately 140,000 parking spaces on the public thoroughfare in the city are sufficient to serve the needs of drivers.

Open all day with the latest advances in surveillance

With the aim of adapting to the needs of both residents and drivers who frequent the area, Euroglobal Parking has developed different types of services, either as a rotary parking for long stays or with different types of season tickets, with the possibility of payment with credit card.

To all this must be added uninterrupted opening hours 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and the latest technical advances to ensure the surveillance of parked vehicles and the safety of their users.