Fripecan, logistics operator specialized in cold, inaugurates new facilities in the center of the peninsula

The company, which is part of the refrigeration division of Alonso Group, has new facilities in Cabanillas del Campo, Guadalajara. A competitive logistics offer of integrated management of goods in a strategic location and with the highest technology. Fripecan offers very competitive transport services with the Canary Islands.

Fripecan's new facilities are modern and adapted to new technologies

This change represents a new step in our integrated freight management offer.

The center is equipped with state of the art cold storage chambers

Fripecan's facilities in Cabanillas del Campo, Guadalajara.

Fripecan, an Alonso Group logistics operator integrated in the refrigeration division, inaugurates new offices in the central peninsular area. As of today, May 3, the company is moving its facilities to Cabanillas de Campo (Guadalajara), specifically to the La Quinta R-2 Industrial Zone. A strategic location as it is situated in one of the most important logistic poles in Spain.

With this acquisition, Fripecan takes another step forward in its complete offer of integral management of goods at three temperatures (ambient, refrigerated and frozen) in the Iberian Peninsula. The facilities in Cabanillas de Campo, very spacious and equipped with the latest technological advances, allocate 2,900 m2 to Fripecan’s groupage activities, with 360 m2 of refrigerated pre-chamber as well as cold rooms prepared for the reception of perishable goods.

These are our own facilities, which allow us to be totally independent and not dependent on third persons, and is the first of a series of investments planned for the Iberian Peninsula with the objective of having the best facilities adapted to the groupage activity.

From now on, it is no longer possible to receive cargo at the previous facilities, located at CTM Madrid. An orderly and planned transition in which customers have already been informed of this strategic change of location.

State of the art equipment and technological control

Fripecan’s new facilities are equipped with modern cold rooms that include thermographic records for the precise control of the refrigerated and frozen chambers. They also have ultra-fast doors that provide maximum insulation and watertightness. The maximum modernity and guarantees the perfect preservation of any merchandise.

Thanks to technology, the company also offers its customers full traceability of their cargoes in real time. The best way to keep track of them, ensure that the supply chain functions correctly and that deliveries are made as quickly as possible.

The company has a large team of professional reefers specialists, that guarantee an integral service that includes consolidation and groupage, to the maintenance and repair of all types of equipment.

Fripecan, maximum competitiveness for transport to the Canary Islands

Fripecan specializes in temperature controlled transport of goods between the Iberian Peninsula and the Canary Islands. The company, part of Alonso Group, has the entire infrastructure network of the logistics holding company, with a presence in all links of the chain: shipping lines, freight forwarders, consignees, customs agents, land transport and multimodal platforms. A competitive, fast and reliable option capable of offering a complete service to all its customers.