Alonso Group launches its traditional solidarity campaign focused on aid to children by the NGO Aldeas Infantiles

Under the slogan ” Merendamos juntos”, Grupo Alonso collaborates in the development of support programs for children and families at risk of exclusion in Spain. Thanks to the collaboration of the workers and companies that make up the group, it is expected to guarantee 3,600 snacks for the children of SOS Children’s Villages.

In accordance with its Corporate Social Responsibility, the Alonso Group is involved every year in the organization of different social, cultural and environmental initiatives, culminating in its traditional annual solidarity campaign.

This solidarity campaign, whose launch usually coincides with the start of the Christmas season, once again emphasises the importance of protecting children and, specifically, those children and their families who are at risk of exclusion in Spain. For this reason Alonso Group has decided to collaborate with the NGO Aldeas Infantiles SOS through its project “Merendamos Juntos”.

Much more than a snack

The solidarity campaign “Merendamos Juntos” aims to raise, thanks to the selfless collaboration of all companies and professionals who make up the Alonso Group, sufficient resources to ensure, at least for a year, 3,600 snacks, which involves much more than just a sandwich.

The World Health Organization warns that schoolchildren should eat five meals a day. However, today in a country like Spain, there is still a large number of children and young people living in poverty or social exclusion, for whom breakfast or afternoon snack is still a luxury they cannot afford.

Thanks to the 23 day centres that Aldeas Infantiles SOS has throughout Spain, 720 children can have access to a safe environment in which they are provided with a healthy snack, as well as hygiene and health guidelines.

The valuable work of Aldeas Infantiles

The fact that have chosen SOS Children’s Villages as the beneficiary of this solidarity campaign is also a recognition of the great work that this organization has been doing in Spain for more than fifty years.

Aldeas Infantiles SOS, present in Spain since 1967, is an international organization, private, child aid, non-profit, interfaith and independent of any political orientation. It was founded in 1949 in Imst (Austria) and today it is present in 135 countries.

Its work focuses on the development of children until they become self-sufficient and integrated into society. It works to strengthen vulnerable families so that they can adequately care for their children; they protect children who cannot live with their parents, to whom they provide a protective family environment in which they can grow up feeling loved and respected; and they accompany young people in their process of maturation and independence.

In 2016, the work of SOS Children’s Villages was recognised with the Princess of Asturias Award for Concord.