Alonso Group supports training and promotes the talent of future professionals in the logistics sector

In a new example of cooperation between the business world and the University, Alonso Group supports the Master’s Degree in Logistics of the Catholic University of Valencia (UCV). The degree is a perfect complement to train future professionals in the sector, able to cope with the constant transformations in the supply chain.
Momento de la presentación de la nueva edición del Máster de la UCV.
Moment of the presentation of the new edition of the UCV Master’s Degree

In an emotional ceremony to mark the start of the 2023-2024 academic yearAlonso Group has once again shown its support for the most technical and specialised training linked to the logistics sector. For yet another year, the holding company is backing the edition of the Master’s Degree in Maritime Law and Economic-Strategic Management of Maritime-Port Companies at the Catholic University of Valencia (UCV). An alliance that reflects the necessary relationship between business and university.

The UCV’s master’s degree is already a benchmark in the logistics and maritime business sector, offering complementary training in land transport, air transport and customs law. This is an important plus for training future professionals in the field, capable of dealing with the constant transformations and tensions that are happening in the supply chain.

The degree provides a broad knowledge of the maritime legal system in all its aspects, as well as the way companies in the sector operate, taught by renowned professionals from the maritime world. The teaching staff includes executives from some of the companies in the Alonso Group’s logistics division. The annual programme includes visits to ports, airports, terminals – as is the case of Intersagunto Terminales -, intermodal logistics platforms – the Setemar facilities – and even marinas such as Pobla Marina.

The sea, key to today’s world

During the opening session, Alonso Group president and CEO Jorge Alonso, analysed the current situation of the logistics chain influenced by geostrategic problems, industrial relocation, the gigantism of ships, the impact of drought on maritime transport and the role of Artificial Intelligence. “The sea is key to understanding today’s world,” he said.

In an emotional speech, Jorge Alonso highlighted decarbonisation as an element that must be integrated into any project and must be developed “for real”. “It is a very serious and costly issue. We must decarbonise with our heads on straight,” he stressed. In this respect, the sea is a necessary medium, the most important one. In the same way, he stated that the logistics of the future involves coalition and sharing.

At the same time, he wanted to emphasise “the great opportunities offered by a sector in constant growth. The future is promising and decisive, so we must have excellent professionals with skills and also great life values. Both points are equally important”. Alonso also referred to the trajectory of the business corporation, which is closely linked to its own life history. “Our evolution from 1962 to today is the result of the dedication, effort, perseverance, enthusiasm and humility of each and every one of us”.

Also during the event, Alonso Group president and CEO presented the VI Alonso Scholarship to the young student Sofía Mateo Hernández. This award was presented to the most outstanding student of the year, who will soon be joining one of the holding’s companies to complete her training through an employment contract.

Jorge Alonso durante su intervencion en la sesión inaugural
Jorge Alonso during his speech at the inaugural session
The 7th Alonso Scholarship, a boost to excellence and good work

The Alonso Scholarship, now in its seventh year, is an Alonso Group initiative that promotes excellence and effort by distinguishing the most outstanding student of the year. Obtaining the scholarship is a means of professional development and a recognition that can open up new job prospects. An opportunity to learn, first-hand, how one of the main logistics groups in the Iberian Peninsula works.

One of the fundamental pillars of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy of the Alonso holding company is the promotion of training. A key tool for acquiring new skills and improving competitiveness and the ability to adapt to constant changes in the business environment.

El presidente y CEO de Grupo Alonso durante la entrega de la Beca Alonso
Alonso Group president and CEO during the presentation of the Alonso Scholarship