Alonso Group heads the 1st Conference on New Technologies and their application in logistics organised by UCV

The scope and role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in logistics has been the subject of debate at a conference on new technologies led by professionals from Alonso Group. In a world in constant transformation, AI should be seen as a valuable enabling tool and a great opportunity, although the value will continue to reside in people.
Alonso Group professionals during their participation in the UCV conference.
Alonso Group professionals during their participation in the UCV conference.

After Blockchain, IoT, Big Data, metaverse, etc., the ‘technological revolution’ continues to expand with the so-called Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is already starting to be applied in many economic sectors. Among them, in the supply chain, which is highly interconnected, global and dependent on new technologies for daily operations. This was one of the ideas discussed during the 1st Conference on AI held at the Catholic University of Valencia (UCV) in which Alonso Group professionals from different areas participated: forwarder, pricing and communication.

Among the conclusions of the round table sponsored by the Alonso holding company, it was revealed that there are still gaps in the logistics sector at a digital level. In this regard, it was stressed that on a day-to-day basis, the supply chain continues to face problems as important as the lack of synchronisation in the prices of shipping lines or the lack of knowledge about the availability of trucks for land transport services.

However, the experts at the table agreed that the future has to be digital, and supply chains will have to be digital to keep up. In this context, the exchange of information between different partners is of vital importance.

Some applications in the supply chain

The use of artificial intelligence, which is revolutionising key industries and may open the way to a new frontier of technological innovation, can be applied in logistics areas such as the following:

    • Trend analysis.
    • Problem solving.
    • Knowledge forecasting.
    • Improving sustainability.
    • Increased online reputation.
    • Clearer, more direct and transparent communication.

Even so Alonso Group‘s professionals have highlighted that “goods will continue to be transported in containers. The challenges innate to the logistics chain are not going to disappear but Artificial Intelligence will help us to simplify and streamline all types of management.

A new era of work? The value of people and communication

The changes in the world of work that may arise with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence was also one of the topics of debate at the conference. “We must take advantage of all its potential and not be afraid of change. This is a mantra that we constantly repeat at Alonso Group. In the short term, it is the best attitude for a world in constant transformation”, emphasised one of the speakers.

Specifically, in the world of digital communication, logistics companies must be present and achieve a good reputation. To achieve this, professionals in the areas of corporate communication and marketing must be constantly trained and updated in the use of new technologies. They must be seen as “valuable facilitating tools”, otherwise “we will be missing a great opportunity“.

“In the end, technology acts as a catalyst, not as a substitute for anyone. The value is in people and that is not going to change. The success of Artificial Intelligence in the logistics chain is to combine it with professional decisions to achieve satisfied customers,” he concluded.