Alonso Group organises the 1st edition of the ‘Alonso Cup’ children’s football competition

Masia La Grava’s facilities have hosted the first edition of the children’s football competition “Alonso Cup”. A total of 52 teams from different categories took part in a day marked by a good atmosphere and sporting spirit. The initiative aims to promote the practice of activities and their benefits at an early age.
Momento de juego durante la celebración del "Alonso Cup"
Moment of play during the celebration of the “Alonso Cup”

Maximum sportsmanship, the highest level and all the excitement in the world. This is the summary of the “Alonso Cup“, the first edition of the children’s football competition recently organised by Alonso Group. Masia La Grava‘s facilities, Alonso’s professional football sports centre, hosted the event, which was held over three days, with a total of 52 teams from three different categories, Benjamins, Pre-Benjamins and Kerubines, taking part in the competition, which was sponsored by the companies that form part of the Alonso Group.

The three business areas of the holding company (Logistics / Energy and Infrastructures / Leisure and Services) have shown their full support for the competition. With the launch of this initiative, Alonso Group takes another step forward in its firm commitment to sport and its associated values such as teamwork, cooperation, discipline and demand. These actions are part of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) area of the holding company, which seeks to actively contribute to society and also to promote healthy habits.

La cita ha sido un éxito de participación

Momento de la competición

Grupo Alonso, implicado con el deporte

Torneo Alonso Cup, una historia de éxito

El trabajo y la motivación han marcado la jornadas

Un encuentro marcado por la deportividad

Momento de uno de los partidos

Sport and the new generations, in the Alonso Group’s social policy

The promotion of sport and promising young players is a priority, year after year, in the Alonso Group‘s social policy. In addition to its recent backing of the “Alonso Cup” competition, the business group also supports the Patacona C.F. team, the youth divisions of Algeciras C.F, and Fórmula Student from Polytechnic University of Valencia (FSUPV Team) or Hyperloop from UPV.

A contribution to society that helps to foster the development of sport, the training of young athletes, the improvement of sports facilities, the creation of opportunities or the promotion of healthy lifestyles. This set of actions also seeks to foster skills and qualities that will lead to success and progress beyond the sporting arena.