Alonso Group reinforces its commitment to intermodality with the management of the Silla and Fuente de San Luis terminals

Alonso Group’s commitment to Railway the Sefemed joint venture is already commercialising the railway services of the Silla and Fuente de San Luis terminals, both in the hinterland of the port of Valencia. In addition, Alonso Group will manage, from 2024, the future station to be built in Fuente de San Luis.
Silla Intermodal Station managed by Sefemed joint venture
Silla Intermodal Station managed by Sefemed joint venture.

The joint venture formed by Servicios Terrestres y Marítimos (Setemar) and Servicios Ferroviarios del Mediterráneo (Sefemed), UTE Sefemed, has begun to market rail services at the Silla and Fuente de San Luis terminals in Valencia. Two strategic intermodal facilities, dedicated to providing services linked to train logistics for all types of goods.

The Valencia Fuente San Luis Logistics Centre can handle up to four trains a day with operations and unloading. A terminal capable of handling special length trains, it stands out as one of the main nodes of the Madrid-Valencia freight corridor. Fuente de San Luis is located next to the facilities of the port of Valencia and has direct access roads to the port enclave, one of the main ports in Spain in terms of container traffic.

For its part, the Silla rail terminal, located just over 20 kilometres from the port of Valencia, is characterised by its capacity to provide a wide range of services linked to train logistics, basic shunting assistance and other commercial operations linked to freight logistics as it is a basic UTIS handling line.

Two facilities located in the hinterland or area of influence of the Valencian port enclave, which have strategic locations in the east of the country with excellent connections to the main logistics locations on the Iberian Peninsula.

Future new intermodal terminal

Alonso Group will also be in charge of managing the future intermodal terminal that ADIF and the Port Authority of Valencia (APV) will build in Fuente de San Luis. These facilities are scheduled to be put into operation in 2024 with a total investment of 67 million euros and will have up to four 750-metre tracks of mixed gauge (Iberian and UIC).

Railway, the axis of Alonso Group’s multimodal logistics

This new contract is a step forward in the strategy of the logistics division of Alonso Group to increase the role of the railway as the intermodal transport system of reference for all types of goods. A step forward for one of the most important intermodality projects that Alonso Group is developing through its Global Logistics Plan. A project whose aim is to connect the main hubs of maritime freight traffic in the Iberian Peninsula by means of multi-client and multi-product trains.

Awarded for a period of 14 years

The award of the tender for the management of services and marketing of the Valencia freight transport terminals in Silla and Fuente de San Luis by the Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias (ADIF) to Alonso Group’s company took place on 11 June and will last for a period of 14 years, extendable to six more. A formula similar to the concession that Alonso Group has also had since 2014 in the logistics centres of Morrot and Can Tunis (Barcelona).

Two leading intermodal terminals on the Iberian Peninsula capable of handling traffic generated by the booming rail motorways and pioneers in the loading/unloading of semi-trailers on wagons. Facilities whose tracks are upgraded to Iberian and UIC gauge, enabling the dispatch of national and international trains for both containers and semi-trailers.