Legendario launches new bottle of its premium Bowtie gin

The product, which forms part of the Legendario portfolio, takes a new evolutionary step with a change of image. Bowtie is a London gin aimed at a demanding public, but which avoids traditional formalisms. Under the name “Unusual Premium Gin” this gin mixes elegance and originality with a very casual touch.
La nueva botella de Bowtie, la ginebra premium de Legendario
The new bottle of Bowtie, Legendario’s premium gin.

Legendario, in its desire to always be at the forefront of trends, has just launched the new bottle of its premium gin Bowtie. After a few years in which its flavour has been tested and well received by the market, Bowtie takes a new evolutionary step forward, while maintaining its unmistakable character, an insignia for a quality product.

The new bottle, which is now on sale at the Legendario online shop www.legendarioshop.com, is characterised by a matt, gradient lacquer, with a more stylised shape than the previous one. The main element of the image is the yellow bow tie, a symbol of elegance and distinction. A sign of identity for Bowtie and associated with the quality of its product, known for its flavour and manufacturing methods.

A “casually elegant” gin

Bowtie is a London-style gin aimed at lovers of the exquisite, non-conformists with their own style and free to decide. One of its main premises is based on the premise that “elegance can also be fun”.

Following a unique recipe, Bowtie retains a balance of juniper, coriander, orange and elements of lemon peel. The flavour shows traces of confectionery and mineral notes with a hint of citrus for a pleasant, slightly sweet, warming sensation. In short, an “Unusual Premium Gin” for the more refined public.

Legendario, respect for the origins of an international brand

Legendario, a company known for its star product Elixir de Cuba and for its extensive portfolio of high-quality rums, markets this gin, which was launched on the market in 2018. Bowtie is made with the best raw materials so that the final result is to the taste of the most demanding palates. In fact, the entire production process is closely monitored: from the meticulous creation of its original recipe, which combines 11 different types of botanicals, to the meticulous production process.

The launch of the new bottle coincides with the international expansion of Bowtie, which, taking advantage of Legendario’s presence in the world’s main markets, will begin to be distributed in the Horeca channel with the intention of gradually expanding into the retail sector.

Nowadays Legendario, one of the most valued brands in the world in its category, is currently present in more than 30 countries. A philosophy based on respect for the origin, the most traditional methods and the quality of the products in its entire portfolio are some of its hallmarks.