Setemar acquires a new reach stacker and adapts its machinery fleet to greater energy efficiency

The logistics platform that Grupo Alonso manages in Quart de Poblet (Valencia) through Setemar, has a new telescopic stacker of the Uplifting brand since this summer. This machine, specialized in the handling of empty containers, has energy efficiency systems that allow a 15% reduction in fuel consumption and emissions into the atmosphere.

Reach Stacker at Setemar Valencia.

Reach Stacker at Setemar Valencia.

Reach Stacker at Setemar Valencia.

In recent years, Alonso Group has been making a commitment to the modernization of its different fleets, both machinery and industrial vehicles. One of the objectives of this update is to comply with its business policy of progressively favouring environmental sustainability by acquiring more efficient equipment.

For this reason, Setemar has acquired a new reach stacker unit for its Quart de Poblet base, which will be used to move empty containers. This is a telescopic stacker, RSUP 10-5CH5 from Uplifting, one of the most modern and efficient reach stacker models on the market, as it achieves total energy optimisation without any loss in its operating performance.

Maximum energy and environmental efficiency

The main advantage of this new machine with respect to its predecessors lies in two fundamental aspects that allow it to obtain the same performance, both in load capacity and in handling speed, but with lower energy consumption.

First of all, it has electronically controlled automatic engine gas control systems. This optimises the appropriate speed for each type of operation and distributes the fuel precisely.

The other area in which the RSUP 10-5CH5 increases its energy efficiency is in its drive unit. In addition to incorporating a Volvo Stage IV engine with lower specific consumption, its ZF transmission system incorporates improvements such as the five gear ratios or the converter lock (Ergolockup) that prevents energy losses.

In addition to all these features, there is the optimised inching function which, by fine control of the clutch pressure, adapts the tractive effort to the minimum required, thus reducing fuel consumption and brake abrasion.

A fleet adapted to new needs

The new equipment acquired by Setemar is capable of achieving a reduction in fuel consumption of around 15 percent, which implies a significant reduction in carbon emissions to the atmosphere per TEU moved.

With this new machine, Setemar now has around thirty reach stacker vehicles operating on its different logistics platforms throughout the Iberian Peninsula. In this sense, Alonso Group is carrying out a series of integrated actions within the framework of its Global Logistics Plan which aims to offer its customers as many co2-free kilometres as possible.

Among these measures are the commitment to the interconnection by rail of its different logistics centers or the use of trucks powered by Vehicle Natural Gas for last mile transport.