Transportes Alonso adds ten liquefied natural gas trucks to their fleet in its commitment to clean energies

In the search for environmentally-friendly alternatives and its investment in innovation, Transportes Alonso has incorporated a specialized liquefied natural gas (LNG) truck fleet over the course of 2016.
Transportes Alonso Salcedo - Camiones a gas
Transportes Alonso Salcedo gas truck – Grupo Alonso


The new energy realities have a significant weight in Grupo Alonso. Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), potentially cleaner, emits less CO2 into the atmosphere, prevents the emission of greenhouse gases and ultimately allows us to tackle climate change. Liquefied natural gas is placed as the clear environmental-friendly alternative to petroleum and the different traditional fuels currently on the market.

In particular, the use of these new motors will enable corporations to reduce CO2 emissions up to 80% annually and a 96% decrease in the NO2 emissions, with respect to the levels allowed by the Euro VI Standards. Grupo Alonso’s sustainability policy allows them, at the same time, to achieve an increased fuel consumption efficiency.

“Grupo Alonso’s sustainability policy, towards an increased fuel consumption efficiency”

This commitment by the group to the use of alternative fuels like gas (either liquefied or compressed) evolves in line with the European regulatory requirements. The European Commission has presented a law proposal that will require the construction of fuel stations every 400 kilometers in the roads forming the trans-European network in 2020. Its approval makes the legislation set binding objectives for the development of transportation infrastructures for fuels such as electricity, hydrogen and natural gas.