Alonso Group adds new trucks to its modern and ecological land fleet

Through Alonso Group’s land transport division, Transportes Alonso, the company has incorporated fifty Mercedes Benz Actros 1845 units into its modern fleet. With low-consumption engines, they are distinguished by their efficiency, sustainability and innovation. Alonso Group’s transport division, dedicated to road transport throughout the Iberian Peninsula, continues to develop its decarbonisation strategy by increasing the use of green energy in all its vehicles and services.

The new trucks bet on the decarbonization of the planet.

Alonso's fleet stands out for its efficiency and sustainability.

Transportes Alonso works all over the Iberian Peninsula.

The Alonso Group's new units reinforce land transport division.

Transportes Alonso, with operational bases in Valencia, Sagunto, Murcia, Barcelona, Madrid and Algeciras, has just added fifty units of Mercedes Benz Actros 1845 to its modern fleet. A generation of vehicles characterised by their efficiency, sustainability and innovation. The new Actros are designed for long-distance traffic and to optimise journeys with any type of goods with low-consumption engines.

With this incorporation, Transportes Alonso now has a fleet of more than 500 units dedicated to transport to all parts of the Iberian Peninsula. An efficient and competitive service committed to the environment with the aim of providing customers and society with the greatest number of green kilometres. In fact, the company has been offering a last mile transport service driven by green energy vehicles for years. In 2019, 75 million kilometres have been covered by Alonso’s fleet.

Commitment to sustainability

On the other hand, this acquisition completes a key year for Alonso Group‘s transport division, which has set up its new corporate building in the port of Valencia. A unique construction designed to cover the present and future needs of the division. A work that is a true commitment to sustainability – with the use of recyclable and reusable materials such as containers – and in which differents companies from the holding were involved.

Energy efficiency

As part of its sustainability and environmental policy, Alonso Group is currently developing its Global Logistics Plan. A commitment to greater efficiency in the energy cost of transport and the progressive reduction of contaminating emissions at a global level, in favour of the decarbonisation of the planet.

Another of the main lines of action is the commitment to intermodality as a fundamental tool for connecting the main nerve centres of goods transport. This is a major project that has been co-financed by the European Union through the Connect Europe Mechanism.