Alonso Group focuses its strategy on sustainability and decarbonisation of the planet

Alonso Group exceeded 945 million euros in turnover in its last fiscal year. As the year draws to a close, the figures endorse the major national and international expansion of the holding company, which is already outlining the main guidelines for its future: internationalisation, sustainability, multimodality and digitalisation. Its commitment to the environment not only includes the logistics division but also the rest of the company’s business areas.
Alonso Group focuses its strategy on sustainability.
Alonso Group focuses its strategy on sustainability.

Alonso Group, formed by more than a hundred companies dedicated to logistics, energy and infrastructures and the leisure sector, has exceeded 945 million euros of turnover in its last fiscal year. These statistics are proof of the national and international activity of the holding company which, over the last few decades, has expanded its logistics and energy activity on an international level. It is currently present in 190 offices around the world.

The international nature of its companies is combined with a strategy based on innovation and commitment to the sustainability of the planet. In this line, in recent years Alonso Group has made significant investments to achieve efficient logistics from an environmental and economic point of view. This extra work has involved a strategic analysis of the movement of goods and coordination between associated companies, partners, customers and suppliers. This philosophy reflects the Alonso Group’s commitment to the decarbonisation of the planet and its firm commitment to future generations.

One of the main attractions of the business group at the logistics level is its ability to be present in all links of the supply chain through shipping lines, shipping agents, forwarding agents, land transport, operators, terminals and its own warehouses. A great added value for its customers throughout the global chain.

Multimodal and sustainable logistics

One of the most important intermodality projects being developed by the Alonso Group is the Global Logistics Plan. The aim is to connect the main hubs of maritime freight traffic on the Iberian Peninsula, through multi-client and multi-product trains, between its own logistics platforms and to extend its connections with the main European cities through the platform located in Barcelona. A major commitment to the railway as a benchmark intermodal transport system. The holding company’s Global Logistics Plan has been classified as “strategic” by the European Commission and has been financed through the “Connecting Europe” Mechanism.

The railway is all about intermodality.
The railway is all about intermodality.

As far as the land transport division is concerned, almost 20% of the Alonso Group’s fleet is currently sustainable, that is, powered by environmentally friendly fuels. The aim is to be able to provide customers, and society in general, with the greatest number of green kilometres in all goods transported. In addition, the last mile transport service, or capillary distribution, is offered with a fleet of natural gas trucks exclusively. A major contribution towards much more sustainable cities that is already being developed.

Alonso Group's land fleet is distinguished by its sustainability.
Alonso Group’s land fleet is distinguished by its sustainability.

At the maritime level, the multi-purpose terminal of the port of Sagunto, Intersagunto Terminals, is another example of this, which has been classified as such by the institutions and endorsed by its certifications. The company has ISO 14001 certification for the environment; ISO 5001 for energy efficiency, as well as the distinctive seals of the Ministry of the Environment “Cálculo” and “Reduzco” for CO2 emissions. Thanks to the latter two, customers can know the environmental impact of their goods handled during transit through the terminal.

Intersagunto Terminales, a leading environmental port terminal.
Intersagunto Terminales, a leading environmental port terminal.

At the same time, Alonso Group’s commitment to the environment is not only concentrated in the logistics area, but extends throughout the holding company. In relation to the area of energy and infrastructures, the company Axial Structural Solutions, a world leader in the design, manufacture and installation of solar structures for photovoltaic projects, has two standards (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) that also accredit its environmentally friendly activity.

Technology, a great partner

There is no doubt that the development of Alonso Group’s policy of decarbonisation and promotion of alternative energies could not be understood without the crucial role of technology. The Alonso Group’s IT (Information and Technology) area has promoted the creation of a large R&D laboratory where aspects such as blockchain, BI (Business Intelligence) and artificial intelligence are being worked on. This has allowed, internally, an increase in cybersecurity, as well as an increase in innovation and digitisation of all the companies that form part of the holding company.

Externally, the IT area has managed to provide customers with real-time information such as the status of operations, documentation control or import-export flows. Greater traceability to ensure that the company’s philosophy of environmental and economic efficiency is effective and more real than ever.

Alonso Group is heading into a new decade with growth, diversification and internationalisation as its flagship, without forgetting that the future is either green or it is not. The history of Alonso Group began in the sixties of the last century when they started with the commercial activity, through the transport of wood logs in the port of Valencia. The leap to the present day has been, qualitatively and quantitatively, significant. Currently, the business group has become a multi-sectorial holding of reference in the national and international market, with more than 2,000 professionals.