Alonso Group claims its support for specialised training and more sustainable logistics at the start of the academic year

The 8th. edition of the Master’s Degree in Maritime Law and Economic-Strategic Management of the Catholic University of Valencia (UCV) has already begun to take its first steps. A specialised training, which, once again, has the support of Alonso Group. During the inaugural session, the IV Alonso Scholarship was awarded to the most excellent student.

Jorge Alonso, Alonso Group's president and CEO, awards the IV Alonso Scholarship.

Moment of the inaugural session of the new edition of the master's degree course.

Jorge Alonso during his inaugural lecture at the UCV headquarters

Lorena Ros has been awarded the IV Alonso Scholarship.

The 2021-2022 academic year has already begun and, for yet another year, Alonso Group is once again showing its firm support for specialised training with its backing for the Master’s Degree in Maritime Law and Economic-Strategic Management of Maritime-Port Companies at the Catholic University of Valencia (UCV).

In its 8th edition, the extensive programme, which corresponds to 60 ECTS credits and is face-to-face, is aimed at graduates in Law; Business Administration or Economics; Civil Engineers; Insurance or Customs Agents, and in general, professionals in the maritime-port sector.

It is a master’s degree that enjoys great prestige in the logistics sector due to its high level of training and the importance it gives to practical aspects -basic for the development of any professional- with visits to ports, airports, port terminals -the case of Intersagunto Terminales-, logistics platforms -such as Setemar– and even marinas such as Pobla Marina. In fact, a fundamental part of the teaching staff are executives from Alonso Group. A technical, high-level and future-oriented training.

IV Alonso Scholarship

The inaugural session brought together students, teachers and sponsors in an event that was used as an opportunity to present the IV Alonso Scholarship to the most brilliant student of the previous year. A distinction that offers an employment contract in one of the companies that form part of the Alonso Group for one year. A unique opportunity to get to know, first hand, the workings of one of the most important logistics holding companies in the country.

In this edition Lorena Ros has been the selected student and, during her speech, she took the opportunity to stress “the importance of the effort, in my case, every weekend I have come from Cartagena to complete the course” and also wanted to highlight “the value of the scheduled visits of the master’s degree to see the day to day of the companies”. After the 2021-2022 academic year, the V Alonso Scholarship will be awarded.

Logistics, at high speed and on the road to sustainability

In his speech, Jorge Alonso, Alonso Group’s president and CEO, explained the strategic importance of maritime transport: “90% of cargo moves by sea. In fact, there are ships that can transport entire factories. Logistics is an exciting adventure with a very high employability rate“.

At the same time, he insisted that “the logistics sector is moving at breakneck speed, which is why training is essential. I want you to be trained, we need you” without forgetting that sustainability will mark the new times “only with a sustainable model for the entire population will we be successful”.

As part of its corporate values, Alonso Group has been promoting learning, the search for new talent, continuous training and sustainability in the field of logistics for years.