SAM Algeciras opens the most modern refrigerated warehouse in Spain

The innovative cold storage facilities begin their activity in SAM Algeciras with 11 bitempered cameras.
Interior view of the facilities of SAM Algeciras
Interior view of the facilities of SAM Algeciras

The large size cold storage depot of 5.200m2 can accommodate up to 7,800 pallets and has 12 loading docks. Perishables can be stored at controlled temperatures with option for refrigerated and frozen.

A reference logistics centre

Its size, services offered and the strategic location make it one of the centers of reference in the service of perishable logistics in Spain. It currently has outstanding raw material customers, importers and exporters operating in the Port of Algeciras.

The main services are the storage, handling and transfer of goods. Refrigerated corridors avoid breaking the cold chain. At the same time, it’s possible to make an accurately track food traceability of all products through online control of their stocks and their movements. Other value-added services such as authorized customs warehouses are also offered.

Integrated perishables logistics management

The opening of these facilities completes the range of logistics services that SAM Algeciras offers in perishables. This set of services allows to reduce the logistics cost of any merchandise line dry and refrigerated. Thus, SAM Algeciras want provide an outlet for new traffic that currently reach the port of Algeciras.

SAM Algeciras with a turnover of more than four million euros and a human team of more than 100 professionals operates with major freight and shipping companies. The company’s objective is to facilitate the import and export of products from Africa and South America through the mega-ships that currently pass through the Strait.

SAM Algeciras also offers the possibility of distribution by the peninsula, Europe and any international destination. Last generation multi-modal logistics platform with total flexibility and strategically located in Algeciras. Over 120.000 m2 of facilities close to the main land, railway and sea routes connecting Algeciras with the rest of the world. It offers warehousing service (50.000 m2), dry storage (22.600 m2) and refrigerated storage. These facilities make SAM Algeciras one of the benchmark integral logistics centers in Spain.

Additional services include an official weighing scale, workshop for repairing and maintenance of containers, gas station, heavy vehicle park, as well as customs tax advantages.

A commitment to intermodality

Algeciras facilities are part of the global logistics project of Grupo Alonso. The purpose is to connect via rail transport the main neuralgic points of maritime traffic of goods: Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Algeciras, Murcia, Alicante, Sagunto, Marin and Aveiro.

The Valencian holding is working on the preparation and adaptation of these logistics centers for future connection through the train, following its clear commitment to divert road transport to rail.

The main challenges of Alonso Group focus on reducing logistics costs and minimize emissions of carbon dioxide in line with its commitment to respect the environment.