Transportes Alonso expands its fleet with more than a hundred trucks and launches a new corporate identity

Since the beginning of the year, Transportes Alonso Salcedo has incorporated more than a hundred Mercedes Benz Actros 1845 units into its fleet of trucks. The company has taken advantage of these acquisitions to progressively implement its new logo, in line with Alonso Group’s global strategy. Following this purchase, the group now has more than 500 vehicles in service in its fleet.

With operational hubs in Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Barcelona, Madrid and Algeciras, Transportes Alonso Salcedo is the flagship of the Alonso Group’s road transport division. After this new incorporation of tractor trucks, the company now has more than 500 vehicles operating nationally and internationally. A step forward that reaffirms it as one of the leading companies in the sector at a global level, with the capacity to transport all types of goods.

For this expansion of the fleet, which also means a modernization of its vehicles park, Transportes Alonso Salcedo has chosen to acquire more than a hundred new Mercedes Benz Actros 1845 vehicles. A model that stands out for being one of the most efficient and ecological in the market due to its low relation between consumption, emissions and performance.

New corporate identity

Taking advantage of the launch of this new fleet of trucks, Transportes Alonso Salcedo wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to renew its corporate identity. To this end, the company has opted for an image that is fully identified with that of the Alonso Group. In this way, Transportes Alonso Salcedo claims its important role as the initial company of what today is one of the most important logistic groups in our country.

Sustainable transport

Alonso Group, parent company of Transportes Alonso Salcedo, is developing its Global Logistics Plan, in which it is committed to greater efficiency in the energy cost of transport and the progressive reduction of polluting emissions.
Under these premises, Transportes Alonso Salcedo has been progressively adapting its fleet of trucks to much more rigorous efficiency and energy saving standards.

These measures include not only the acquisition of new, more technologically advanced vehicles, but also the continuous improvement of aspects relating to the maintenance of existing vehicles and the training of drivers in driving styles that minimise wear and tear in order to obtain optimum performance from their machines with the lowest possible consumption.

On the other hand, following this objective of being able to offer its customers the largest number of green kilometers, the company has been offering a last mile transportation service for several years with a fleet of trucks powered by Vehicular Natural Gas, one of the most environmentally friendly fuels on the market today.